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The Physics of Liquefied Gases

Year: 2010
Language: english
Author: Videotel
Genre: Textbook
Publisher: Videotel
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 16
Description: This book has been designed to assist officers in their preparation for service on board gas carriers. Emphasis is on the safety aspects of gas shipping, leading to a thorough understanding of the underlying principles involved in the handling of gas cargoes.
The book deals with the basic physics of gases and introduces the concept of Absolute Zero, the laws of gases - Boyle's law, Charles' law, Avogadro's observations, Dalton's Law on partial pressures and the General Gas Law.
Then the three phases of matter are discussed - solid, liquid and gas and the transitions between them which involve Latent Heat. This leads to consideration of Enthalpy and the effect of Pressure on boiling points. The use of Mollier Charts is explained. The laws of thermodynamics are also considered and the applications of these and the other laws to practical cargo systems is considered. The operation of single and two-stage compression systems and of refrigerated systems all depend on the principles we have defined.
The characteristics of LPG mixtures and the way in which these are affected by the methods of compression are discussed. Finally, batch and flash vaporisation are described.
Additional info: Target Audience: Deck Junior Officers & Engine Room Junior Officers
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gillnumil ® 03-Авг-2018 13:54
zxc, This book is not Non-Maritime. It is targetted for Deck and Engine Junior Officers working on Gas Carriers. Apart from basic physics it also details shipboard related things. Kindly move back to Ship related topic.
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