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Ship Stability-III Nutshell Series Book-6

Year: 2004
Language: english
Author: Capt. H. Subramaniam
Genre: Textbook
Publisher: Vijaya Publication
Edition: 1st
ISBN: 9788110002589
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 210
Description: Ship Stability for mariners was formerly covered in three parts in ascending order – Navigational Watchkeeper, Chief Mate & Master.
The STCW Convention has only two categories of officers – Operational Level & Management Level. Hence the three volumes of Stability have been combined into two:
‘Ship Stability I’ second edition – has been renamed ‘Ship Stability at the Operational Level. This has its original contents to which most of the contents of the erstwhile ‘Ship Stability II’ have been added at the end.
‘Ship Stability III’ third edition – now renamed ‘Ship Stability at the Management Level’. This has the original contents of Stability III to which the chapters carried over from Stability II have been added in the beginning. Eight new chapters have been added at the end, including Parametric Rolling, Squat, Under Keel Clearance, & Draft Survey. These topics are important while complying with their ship owner’s or ship operator’s ISM manuals.
As far as possible, a practical approach has been maintained to enable ship’s officers to put the knowledge to practical use on board ship.
Many Marine Engineers have thanked me saying that they found these stability books in the Nutshell Series very useful to them.



Оценка: 4.9 / 5 (Голосов: 20)
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