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The Seaman's Manual

Year: 1841
Language: english
Author: Richard Henry Dana
Genre: Manual
Format: PDF
Quality: OCR without errors
Pages count: 159
Description: Old seaman's manual. It is a kind of dictionary. it could be interesting from a historical point of view.


A treatise on practical seamanship, a dictionary of sea terms; customs and usages of the merchant service and laws relating to the practical duties of Masters and Mariners.


Rating: 4.9 / 5 (Votes: 17)
jdecmail ® 22-Aug-2018 11:14
Well, to be honest, I was not there.. the editor's note is in London, October 4, 1841. If you consider the pdf conversion as a new edition... I have no idea when it was, but the content seems that remains as it was in 1841.
jdecmail ® 22-Aug-2018 12:31
Arcan, yeah, I mean, from my point of view, the pdf can be considered as a reprint (there is nothing new) but still being the same edition... isn't it? to tell the truth I didn't compare both in a deep way cause I need to rest for the watch XD. Anyway if you already have on seatracker this edition I'll remove the post. Thanks!
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