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A simple step-by-step introduction to using a sextant for navigational purposes

Year: 2006
Version: 020.01.2006.v03
Compatibility with Windows7: yes
System Requirements: The software/ebook will run on every pc-system with an Internet Browser after installation on PC.
P.S. I use Google Chrome
Localization: english
Crack: Not needed
Description: With the advent of satellite navigation and the global positioning system, as well as the ever increasing affordability of the electronic devices needed, some people think that the art of astronavigation is slowly dying. But this isn't true at all!
There is an atavistic pleasure -not only for sailors- in being able to work out one's position by using the traditional sextant, the Nautical Almanac and a chronometer. Movies often show the captain of a ship 'shooting the sun' with a sextant and returning to the nautical chart where he is calculating something we don't understand. A short time after that he knows the exact position of his vessel.


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