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Act of war , Lydon Johnson , North Korea , and the capture of the spy ship Pueblo

Year: 199?
Author: Jack Cheever
Performer: Jack Ceevers
Type: audiobook
Audio codec: MP3
Audio bitrate: 44
Description: In 1968 , a small , dilapidated American spy ship set out on a dangerous mission: to pinpoint military radar stations along the coast of North Korea.
Packed with advanced electronic surveilance equipment and classified intelligence documents, the USS Pieblo was poorly armed and lacked backup by air or sea.
its crew , led by a charismatic , hard drinking ex submariner officier named Pete Bucher , was made up mostly of untested sailors in their teens an twenties.
On a frigid January morning while eavesdropping near the port of Wonsan , the Pueblo was challenged by a North Korean gunboat.
When Bucher tried to escape , his ship was quickly surrounded bu morw partol boats, shelled and machine gunned, and foreced to surrender.
One American was killed and ten wounded, and Bucher and his yopung crew were taken prisoner by one of the worlds most aggressive and erratic totalitarian regimes.
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