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Sailing Ships, the Story of their Development

Year: 1909
Language: english
Author: K.Chatterton
Publisher: Sidgwick & Jackson LTD
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 516
Description: This history of sailing ships has been written primarily for the general reader, in the hope that the sons and daughters of a naval nation, and of an Empire that stretches beyond the seas, may find therein a record of some interest and assistance in enlarging and systematising their ideas on the subject, especially as regards the ships of earlier centuries. It is not necessary to look far — no further than the poster-designs on advertisement-hoardings — to observe the errors into which our artists of to-day are liable to fall owing to lack of historical knowledge in this subject; and to put (for instance) triangular headsails with a rectangular sail on the "bonaventure mizzen-mast " of an early sixteenth-century ship, is an inaccuracy scarcely to be pardoned.
Quite recently one of the chief librarians in one of our biggest national treasure-houses informed me that when an artist, who had been commissioned to illustrate a certain work, came to him for guidance as to the ships of a recent period, he was at a loss where to lay his hands on a book which should show him what he wished to know by picture and description. Only after much search was the requisite knowledge obtained.



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