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Sea of Terror

Year: 199?
Author: Stephen Coonts
Performer: Phil Gigante
Type: audiobook
Audio codec: MP3
Audio bitrate: 44
Description: The enemy is on board.
Two massive ships aroe on a dual path to diestruction.
One is a freighter carring nuclear materials to Japan the other , a cruise ship heading for the Mediterranean.
Neighter will reach their destination.
Two factions - Japanese eco-terrorists and Middle East Extremists - have joined forces to infiltrate the ships, incapacitate the crew , and change course toward a common target: The United States of America.
Detonation hour is approaching.
In Washington , Charlie Dean and a team of commandos are dispatched on a life or death mission to blow the hijackers plot out of the water.
Their plan : board the ship unnoticed , pose as ordinary passengers , and overtake the terrorists.
But time is running out.
The seized ships are crossing the Atlantic with the combined strenght of a full scale nuclear torpedo.
And New York City is just on the horizon.
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