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SeaClear II

Year: 2002
Developer: Sping
Platform: Windows
Localization: english
Crack: Not needed
Description: SeaClear is a PC based chart plotter for Windows 10/8/7/2000/XP/NT/95/98/ME. With a GPS connected it displays the current position, speed, heading and other data on the screen. No Linux version is available but SeaClear is reported to work well with Wine, see WineHQ for more details. SeaClear II uses raster charts and can use most BSB/KAP version 1 - 3 and GEO/NOS commercial charts. Encrypted charts, like BSB/CAP can not be used. Most common projections are supported. Chart datum's are supported. You can add your own charts, scan or capture them, save as PNG, BMP or other common format. Skewed and rotated charts can be calibrated. Chart border can be set to reduce the actual chart area.


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