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Guidelines for Ship/Installation Collision Avoidance

Year: 2010
Language: english
Author: Oil & Gas UK
Genre: Guide
Publisher: Oil & Gas UK
ISBN: 1 903 003 62 8
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 83
Description: This document focuses on the reducing the risk of ship-installation collisions.
Consequences are only considered insofar as they dictate timely appropriate response to imminent or actual impact. It gives guidance on good practice and suggests benchmarks against which to assess compliance. ALARP principles apply. Although procedures and equipment are suggested it is recognised that suitable alternatives for the situation of a particular field or installation may be acceptable. The document emphasises that equipment to achieve effective collision avoidance is safety critical and should be maintained as such.
For the purposes of this document various vessel types are considered separately:
 passing vessels - those on route to somewhere else;
 attendant vessels - that is vessels with legitimate business at the installation;
 offtake tankers - a subset of attendant vessels, which interact with the installation in a specialised way and are therefore addressed in a dedicated section.
Recommendations made in this guidance rely principally on checklists covering management systems, vessel suitability, self-audit and pre-operational checks – a form of risk assessment. They draw, wherever possible, on existing proven industry standards.
The guidance is aimed principally at operations in the UK Sector, and hence refers to UK legislation, practices and organisations. Other administrations and national associations may wish to use its principles in their own Sectors.



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