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The Electric Propulsion of Ships

Year: 1911
Language: english
Author: H. M. Hobart
Genre: Textbook
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 200
Description: The double transformation of energy in the form of work into
energy in the form of electricity and again from electricity into work,
may often, when the operations are on a large scale, be effected at an
overall efficiency of 90 per cent, and even higher. In other words,
at the cost of a loss of 10 per cent, in energy and of the initial and
maintenance cost of the electrical machinery, engineers can interpose
an electric drive between the prime mover and the machinery
to be driven. The object of interposing an electric drive is to obtain
advantages of flexibility which will permit of securing greater
efficiency both in the prime mover and in the driven machinery,
which, in the case of ship propulsion, is the propeller.



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