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Modern Ship Design

Year: 1970
Language: english
Author: Thomas C Gillmer
Genre: Textbook
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages + text layer
Pages count: 358
Description: Naval architecture and marine engineering, by definition and application, can compass both the merchant and naval fleets. the progress and development of these
sciences have been directly affected by the needs of the times. For instance. in a
period of international emergency or trade expansion. there has always been an
acceleration of the training of ship designers and the adoption of new design and
construction techniques. During the Civil war, steam replaced sail, and wood gave
way to iron and steel. During. both world wars the concepts of mass production
were successfully applied to the shipyards. Even now the naval and merchant fleets
are undergoing change in response to contemporary events.



Rating: 5 / 5 (Votes: 13)
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