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Response to Marine Oil Pollution: Review and Assessment

Year: 1999
Language: english
Author: Cormack, Douglas
Genre: Handbook
Publisher: Springer
Edition: 1st
ISBN: 978-94-015-9301-4
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 408
Description: Response to Marine Oil Pollution - Review and Assessment is the essential source book for all involved in marine oil pollution consequences and response. It covers policy, planning and operations, and provides technical assessment of the true nature of the problem, of the means to maximise the performance of current techniques and equipment, and of the bases for future improvements.
This book provides a fundamental understanding of the oil properties and processes which determine the persistence and impacts of oils in the marine environment. It establishes parameters against which to evaluate performance of all current techniques and equipment, and the environmental impacts of their use. It identifies design parameters, and makes proposals for the creation and development of more effective equipment and techniques.
The book also shows how a fresh approach to cargo transfer, and the scaling of spillage response provision to oil releases on immediate impact, will be more effective overall, and will ensure that approved waste handling and disposal facilities are not overwhelmed. The Sea Empress incident is reviewed to illustrate the points made and conclusions reached, and to emphasise the need for thorough salvage planning for all future incidents.


Rating: 4.9 / 5 (Votes: 8)
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