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Introduction to Materials Handling

Year: 2008
Language: english
Author: Siddartha Ray
Genre: Textbook
Publisher: New Age International Publishers
ISBN: 978-81-224-2554-3
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 244
Description: Author of a book would like to explain to his readers why he has authored the book. If the book happens to be a textbook, the explanation almost becomes obligatory. At least, I feel that way.
During the final year of our engineering course, we had one full paper on “Materials Handling”. At the time we had barely two foreign textbooks on the subject of western origin and prices of these were beyond a commoner’s reach. Fortunately, three more textbooks of Russian origin came to the market around that period, which were rich in their contents and also very reasonable in price. I am talking about 38years back from today.
During thirty years of my industrial career in different industries at various levels, I came to appreciate the importance of materials handling in any production system, second to the produc- tion process only. I am sure, any practicing engineer/manager in an industry will readily agree with me. The importance of the subject is recognized by the fact that it is included as a separate subject in mechanical, production and industrial engineering curricula in both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in India and abroad. It is being taught in the postgraduate level in Manufac- turing Technology course in my present institute.
During my long years in industry and last five years in academics, I came across a few text and handbooks on the subject of foreign origin, but unfortunately hardly any from Indian publishers.
Apart from a few handbooks, which are expensive and hence out of reach of an engineering student or a young practicing engineer, the textbooks which are now available to Indian students/ engineers are somewhat specialised in nature and can be classified mainly in two groups. The first group of books deal more on the management aspect of materials handling system, giving little stress on the use, application and design of large variety of materials handling equipment. The other group of books mainly stresses on the design aspects of a single or a narrow range of equipment. The three Russian books, which I mentioned earlier, were exceptions, but unfortu- nately no more available in India. The literatures published by the various equipment manufac- turers mainly stress on the operating specifications and special features of their respective products, which are definitely useful for an experienced material handling engineer, but may not be as helpful to a student or a young engineer.
These have prompted me to write a textbook in the subject of Materials Handling. In this book, I have tried to draw a balance between the two extremes. It refers to the basic features of manage- ment of materials handling system. It also includes a wide range of material handling equipment with their use, selection criteria and operational details. It includes basic design concept of a few of these equipment. Sufficient illustrations of different types of materials handling equipment have been included in the book for easy understanding of these equipment.



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