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Advanced Marine Electrics and Electronics Troubleshooting

Year: 2007
Language: english
Author: Ed Shermann
Publisher: International Marine / McGraw-Hill
Edition: 1st
ISBN: 0-07-150909-7
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 236
Description: Whether you are a marine electronics professional or a boat owner, Advanced Marine Electrics and Electronics Troubleshooting helps you understand the new, more powerful methods of troubleshooting marine electrical and electronic systems. A modern boat’s sophisticated installations and networked electronics can stretch the traditional diagnostic methods based on trouble lights and multimeters past their useful limits. This book will show you how to:
Use microprocessor-based diagnostic tools and techniques from the automotive and communications sectors, adapted for boats for the first time
Diagnose the most difficult AC and DC problems
Protect communications and navigation electronics from interference and lightning
Seek out and eliminate stray-current sources and galvanic corrosion
Оценка: 4.7 / 5 (Голосов: 24)
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