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A Short Course on Nautical Charts and Basic Plotting For the Recreational Boater

Year: 2020
Language: english
Author: Gary C. Kessler
Genre: Reference book
Publisher: Gary C. Kessler
Edition: 7.2 (08 April 2020)
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 79
Description: This manual is intended for the recreational boater who wants to understand the elements of the nautical charts that we employ to learn how to navigate through a body of water, the wealth of additional information available about our waterways, and how to perform basic navigation and plotting tasks. The motivation for me to write this is simple -- as a recreational, then commercial, boater myself, I came to realize that while reading a chart does not appear to be all that difficult, there were many items of information that I had not realized were even there, either because I did not use that information for my boating excursions or because the charts that I commonly use did not contain certain elements of information. Prior to taking a course to acquire my captain's license, I knew nothing about the Coast Pilot® or Light List, sources of an incredible amount of information of interest to masters of a vessel of any size. In addition, the general books to which recreational boaters are often directed are excellent in many ways but rarely tackle the subject of even simple plotting.
This manual is divided into three parts. Part 1 describes the navigation resources available to the recreational -- and commercial -- mariner. This section describes places where one can acquire charts. As importantly, it also discusses where reference materials can be obtained that can help a mariner interpret the markings on the charts and provide additional, from the meaning of aids to navigation and the period of a lighthouse light to the composition of the seabed and height of a bridge to where fuel and public anchorages can be found.
Part 2 introduces nautical charts from the perspective of a recreational mariner. This section covers the basics of latitude and longitude, aids to navigation, and the contents of a nautical chart. The general information in this part of the manual applies to any nautical chart anywhere, although the focus is on United States. Most of the specific examples are from Lake Champlain (New York and Vermont) because these were my home waters until 2014; now they are the Halifax River, Atlantic Ocean off of Ponce de Leon Inlet, and the northern Indian River and Mosquito River Lagoon (Florida).
Part 3 of the manual describes basic navigation and plotting. This section starts with an explanation of the relationship between magnetic north (as shown on a compass), true north (as shown on a chart), and ship's north (i.e., as shown on your vessel's compass), and introduces the concepts of variance and deviation. That is followed by a description of the instruments that are needed in order to plot courses on nautical charts. The bulk of the chapter describes a number of rudimentary plotting problems and how to solve them, such as determining position by dead reckoning, estimating time of arrival, finding your position with lines of position, and compensating for current and other environmental factors when plotting a course.
The focus of this document is on printed charts as well as reading and plotting using hand tools. Marine electronics make a lot of these tasks automatic, but I have always taken the posture that people need to know the basic process behind what our automated and computer-based tools are telling us. In that spirit, I offer this tutorial. Hopefully, readers will be inspired to read some of the more excellent, in-depth texts referenced at the end of this paper.
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A Short Course on Nautical Charts and Basic Plotting - Gary C. Kessler [2017, PDF]

Author: Gary C. Kessler | Year: 2017 | Language: english | Format: PDF | Quality: eBook | Pages count: 68 | Genre: Reference book

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