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International Conference on Collision and Grounding of Ships

Year: 2010
Language: english
Author: Sören Ehlers, Jani Romanoff
Publisher: Aalto University, School of Science and Technology
Edition: 5th
ISBN: 978-952-60-3212-2
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 256
Description: These proceedings comprise a careful state of the art collection of current collision and grounding related research activities. The conference serves and will serve in the years to come, as an excellent opportunity to disseminate our research findings and to outline future research areas.

Table of contents

Goal Based Ship Safety Application in large cruise ship design 3
Kai Levander
European Marine Casualty Information Platform a common EU taxonomy 13
Paulo Correia
Numerical and Experimental Investigation on the Collision Resistance of the X-core Structure .... 18
Sören Ehlers, Kristjan Tabri, Jani Romanoff and Petri Varsta
Examples of selected research efforts made on characteristics of material, ship side structure response and ship
survivability in ship collisions ... 25
Jonas W. Ringsberg, Erland Johnson, Martin Schreuder and Per Hogström
Review and Application of Ship Collision and Grounding Analysis Procedures ... 34
Preben Terndrup Pedersen
Survivability of grounded and damaged ships ... 48
George Zaraphonitis and Manolis S. Samuelides
Environmental risk of collisions in the enclosed European waters: Gulf of Finland, Northern Adriatic and the
implications for tanker design ... 55
Alan Klanac, Teuta Duletić, Sandro Erceg, Sören Ehlers, Floris Goerlandt and Darko Frank
An Experimental Investigation of the Intermediate Flooding Phases in Internal Compartments of an ITTC Damaged
Passenger Ro-Ro Ferry ... 66
Chadi Khaddaj-Mallat, Bertrand Alessandrini, Jean-Marc Rousset and Pierre Ferrant
Use of Level Sensors in Breach Estimation for a Damaged Ship .. 80
Paavo Penttilä and Pekka Ruponen
Analytical and numerical modelling of oil spill from a side damaged tank .. 88
Mohammad Taghi Tavakoli, Jørgen Amdahl and Bernt J. Leira
Evaluation of Critical Grounding Incidents ... 97
Bernadette Zipfel and Eike Lehmann
Numerical simulation of transversely impacted, clamped circular aluminium plates 104
Richard Villavicencio, Leigh Sutherland and Carlos Guedes Soares
A material relation for numerical ship collision analysis . 113
Sören Ehlers
The research on the flooding time and stability parameters of the warship after compartments damage 118
Waldemar Mironiuk
A Method for Estimation of Grounding Frequency by Using Trajectories of Ships and Geometry of Seabed . 123
Fujio Kaneko
Influence of coupling in the prediction of ship collision damage 133
Kristjan Tabri
Rapid Assessment of Ship Grounding over Large Contact Surfaces 139
Lin Hong and Jørgen Amdahl
Identification of ship damage conditions during stranding 151
Tan-Hoi Nguyen, Jørgen Amdahl, Luca Garrè and Bernt J. Leira
Elements of risk analysis for collision and grounding of oil tankers in the selected areas of the Gulf of Finland . 159
Jakub Montewka, Przemysław Krata and Pentti Kujala
A homogenized cohesive element ice model for simulation of ice action a first approach . 169
Jimmy Forsberg, Daniel Hilding and Arne Gürtner
Integrated Analysis of ship/iceberg collision . 173
Zhenhui Liu, Jorgen Amdahl and Sveinung Løset
Experimental Investigations on Collision Behaviour of Bow Structures .... 179
Ingo Tautz, Martin Schöttelndreyer, Wolfgang Fricke and Eike Lehmann
On the Derivation of CATS thr within the Framework of IMO environmental FSA studies . 184
Yasuhira Yamada and Fujio Kaneko
Incident reporting and continuous improvement: poor utilisation of safety measures in maritime industry 192
Lappalainen Jouni, Salmi Kim, Kujala Pentti and Tapaninen Ulla
Damage tests of the single shell ship fuel tank with additional elastic protective coating ... 200
Janusz Kozak
Collision Analysis of Stiffened Plates . 204
Amier AlAli, Yehia Abdel-Nasser and Aly Aliraqi
Simulation of Grounding Damage using the Finite Element Method .... 208
Anuar AbuBakar and Robert S. Dow
The strength characteristics of different types of double hull structures in collision . 217
Chen-Far Hung, Kun-Ping Wu and Yun-Tzu Huang
Numerical simulation of grounding experiment . 223
Karol Niklas
Analysis of sloshing interaction in ship collisions by means of ALE finite element method ... 229
Smiljko Rudan, Kristjan Tabri and Ivan Klarić
Comments on Geometrical Modeling of Ship Grounding . 235
Arsham Mazaheri and Jutta Ylitalo
5th International Conference on Collision and Grounding of Ships
SAFGOF a cross-disciplinary modelling approach to minimizing the ecological risks of maritime oil transportation in the
Gulf of Finland . 244
Annukka Lehikoinen
Estimating ship-ship collision probability in the Gulf of Finland 250
Maria Hänninen and Jutta Ylitalo
The effectiveness of maritime safety policy system in prevention of groundings, collisions and other maritime
incidents . 256
Jenni Kuronen and Ulla Tapaninen
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