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IMDG CODE for Windows Version 11.0 2012 Edition Amendment 36-12 - Mandatory

Year: 2012
Version: 11.10.05
Developer: IMO / Exis Technologies Limited
Platform: Winows
Windows7 compatibility: yes
System Requirements: To install and activate please read HowToInstall&ActivetIMDG36-12.pdf file.
Localization: english
Crack: Included
Description: IMDG Code for Windows is an information retrieval system comprising:
- A complete and unabridged computerised version of the text of Amendment 36-12 of the IMDG Code, including the Supplement. (English only)
- The Dangerous Goods List, a tabulated form of all the substances listed in the IMDG Code.(English only)
- The Substance Index (English, French and Spanish)
- Facilities for printing the Dangerous Goods Note, schedules for individual substances and the ability to print any part of the IMDG Code.
Additional info: Although all possible efforts have been made to ensure the correctness and completeness of the information contained within this program, no responsibility whatsoever will be assumed by IMO or Exis Technologies Limited for any errors or omissions made.
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