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Basic Hydraulic Training

Language: english
Author: fluidpowerzone.com
Description:This course has been designed to give you a broad based understanding of the most important hydraulic concepts. Upon completion of this course, you should understand various basic physics laws as they apply to fluid power, as well as understand schematics and system design. You will also study the various components found in a typical hydraulics system and how these components function and interact with each other.
From this main menu, you can select from any of the course topics listed on the right hand side of your screen. Although you can work through these topics in any order, we recommend that you start at the top of the list with Fluid Power Physics and continue through the subjects from top to bottom. These topics are presented in this order to aid in your understanding of the material presented. While using this program, you can return to the main menu screen at any time.
The interactive nature of this program will allow you to study and learn at your own pace.
You will also find it helpful to review this information from time to time, even after you’ve completed the course.
Additional info: Mount image in virtual drive.


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rag 04-Май-2016 07:33
Hi everyone,
the downloaded file is a .isz file which is a compressed .iso file.
You can use Daemon Tools Lite to open the file and get it working.
Hope this helps.
GOOGLE BOT 12-Окт-2017 11:08
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