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Piracy and Maritime Crime (Historical and Modern Case Studies)

Year: 2010
Language: english
Author: Elleman B. A., Forbes A., Rosenberg D.
Genre: Other
Publisher: Military Bookshop
Edition: 1
ISBN: 978-1780396668
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 276
Description: Piracy is a basic and fundamental concern for all navies.1 From almost the beginning of state-sponsored navies, piracy suppression has been one of their major responsibilities—when Julius Caesar was captured by pirates in 76 BCE, the first thing he did after paying the pirates’ ransom and being released was to fit “out a squadron of ships to take his revenge.”2 Despite piracy’s importance and the continued frequency of piratical attacks, however, relatively few scholarly works have been written analyzing cases of modern piracy and piracy suppression in terms of varying strategic, policy, and operational decisions. This edited collection of case studies attempts to fill this gap.
There have been a number of important historical studies that have dealt with the subjects of piracy and piracy suppression. Books written from the point of view of those wishing to end piracy have tended to focus on legal issues, including the rights of victims, the procedures and decisions of Admiralty courts in punishing pirates, and the capture of piracy ships as prizes. Others have looked at the existence of piracy in terms of one particular place or time period, with the Barbary Coast and the Caribbean Sea claiming disproportionate shares of attention. Pirates are often romanticized; Forbes magazine has recently listed history’s top-earning pirates, including Samuel “Black Sam” Bellamy at US$120 million (2008 dollars), Sir Francis Drake at US$115 million, and Thomas Tew at US$103 million.More famous pirates, like Edward Teach (“Blackbeard”), came in far down the list, at tenth place, with only US$12.5 million.3


Foreword, by Bruce A. Elleman v
Introduction, by Bruce A. Elleman, Andrew Forbes, and
David Rosenberg 1
CHAPTER ONE A Modern History of the International
Legal Definition of Piracy 19
by Penny Campbell
CHAPTER TWO Piracy on the South China Coast through
Modern Times 35
by Robert J. Antony
CHAPTER THREE The Taiping Rebellion, Piracy, and the
Arrow War 51
by Bruce A. Elleman
CHAPTER FOUR Selamat Datang, Kapitan:
Post–World War II Piracy in the South
China Sea 65
by Charles W. Koburger, Jr.
CHAPTER FIVE The Political Economy of Piracy in the
South China Sea 79
by David Rosenberg
CHAPTER SIX The Looting and Rape of Vietnamese
Boat People 97
by Bruce A. Elleman
CHAPTER SEVEN Piracy and Armed Robbery in the
Malacca Strait: A Problem Solved? 109
by Catherine Zara Raymond
CHAPTER EIGHT Piracy in Bangladesh:What Lies Beneath? 121
by Samuel Pyeatt Menefee
CHAPTER NINE Confronting Maritime Crime in
Southeast Asian Waters: Reexamining
“Piracy” in the Twenty-first Century 137
by Sam Bateman
CHAPTER TEN President Thomas Jefferson and the
Barbary Pirates 157
by Robert F. Turner
CHAPTER ELEVEN The Limits of Naval Power:
The Merchant Brig Three Sisters,
Riff Pirates, and British Battleships 173
by Andrew Lambert
CHAPTER TWELVE Guns, Oil, and “Cake”: Maritime
Security in the Gulf of Guinea 191
by Arild Nodland
CHAPTER THIRTEEN Fish, Family, and Profit:
Piracy and the Horn of Africa 207
by Gary E. Weir
Conclusions, by Bruce A. Elleman, Andrew Forbes, and
David Rosenberg 223
Bibliography 243
About the Contributors 249
Index 253
The Newport Papers 271
Rating: 4.8 / 5 (Votes: 15)

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