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Lloyd’s Maritime Atlas of World Ports and Shipping Places

Year: 2013
Language: english
Author: Lloyd’s MIU
Genre: Atlas
Publisher: Lloyd’s MIU & Informa UK Ltd
Edition: 27
ISBN: 978–1–84214–560–9
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 179
Description: Welcome to the 27th edition of the Lloyd’s Maritime Atlas, the premier reference guide to the world’s ports and shipping places.
Updated and revised to reflect changes in port and country names and international borders, this edition is supplemented with a free CD-ROM.
The Atlas provides precise latitude and longitude co-ordinates, details of the main canals and river systems, weather conditions, load line zones, international airports, plus details on principal road and rail connections. In addition, the Atlas features world and regional marine distance tables, a comprehensive user guide and detailed statistics on commercial vessel movements, characteristics and casualties.
Featuring world maps, regional maps and larger scale maps for the busiest shipping areas, the book also encompasses a unique indexing system which allows users to search for ports on both a geographical and alphabetical basis.
We are always looking for ways in which to improve our products and services and we welcome any comments and suggestions that you may have concerning this Atlas or any of our other publications.


World Distance Table inside front cover
User Guide ii
Symbols and Abbreviations iii
Foreword v
Contents vii
Top 20 Ports 1
Index Map 2
Weather Hazards at Sea 4
International Load Line Zones 6
North Atlantic Ocean 8
Atlantic and Indian Oceans 10
Pacific Ocean 12
Arctic 14
Antarctic 15
UK & Ireland 16
Insets: Clyde; Humber, Trent; Tyne, Tees; 16
Thames 17
English Channel 18
Fact panel: Seine-Oise-Marne 18
North Sea 19
Northern Europe 20
Belgium, Netherlands and Germany 22
Fact panels: Rhine; Western Scheldt 23
Southern Scandinavia 24
Fact panel: Lake Vanern 25
Baltic Sea 26
Fact panel: Saimaa Canal 26
Black Sea, Caspian Sea 27
Fact panel: Volga, Don 27
Mediterranean Sea 28
Bay of Biscay 30
Strait of Gibraltar 30
Northern Mediterranean 31
Gulf of Naples 31
Gulf of Venice 31
Gulf of Tunis 31
Aegean Sea 32
Inset: Piraeus 32
Eastern Mediterranean 33
Africa and the Middle East 34
Inset: Azores 34
West Africa 36
Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia & Somalia 37
South-East Africa 38
Persian Gulf 39
South Asia 40
Inset: Hong Kong 40
Fact panel: Yangtze (Chiang Jiang) 40
India 42
Lloyd’s Maritime Atlas © Informa UK 2013
Lloyd’s Maritime Atlas © Informa UK 2013
Gulf of Thailand 43
Malaysia, Indonesia 44
Insets: Singapore, 44
Brunei Darussalam 45
Strait of Malacca 46
Philippines 47
Japan 48
China, Korea 50
Australasia and Pacific Islands 52
North America 54
Pacific Northwest 56
Southern California 57
Eastern United States 58
Inset: Bermuda 59
Great Lakes 60
Fact panel: Great Lakes 60
Gulf of St. Lawrence 61
Fact panel: St. Lawrence Seaway 61
Eastern Seaboard 62
Inset: New York 62
Central America 63
Caribbean Sea 64
South America 66
Fact panel: Amazon 66
River Plate, Southern Brazil 68
Fact panel: Parana 68
Kiel Canal 69
Rhine-Main-Danube Canal 70
Suez Canal 71
Panama Canal 72
Geographical Index 73
Alphabetical Index 139


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