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Practical Design of Ships and Other Floating Structures - Volume 1

Year: 2001
Language: english
Author: You-Sheng Wu, Guo-Jun Zhou, Wei-Cheng Cui
Genre: Reference book
Publisher: Elsevier Science Publishers
Edition: 1st
ISBN: 978-0-08-043950-1
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 726
Description: This proceedings contains the papers presented at The 8th International Symposium on Practical Design of Ships and Other Floating Structures held in China in September 2001 - the first PRADS of the 21st Century.
The overall aim of PRADS symposia is to advance the design of ships and other floating structures as a professional discipline and science by exchanging knowledge and promoting discussion of relevant topics in the fields of naval architecture and marine and offshore engineering. In line with the aim, in welcoming the new era, this Symposium is intended to increase international co-operation and give a momentum for the new development of design and production technology of ships and other floating structures for efficiency, economy, safety, and environmental production.
The main themes of this Symposium are Design Synthesis, Production, Hydrodynamics, Structures and Materials of Ships and Floating Systems. Proposals for over 270 papers from 26 countries and regions within the themes were received for PRADS 2001, and about 170 papers were accepted for presentation at the symposium. With the high quality of the proposed papers the Local Organising Committee had a difficult task to make a balanced selection and to control the total number of papers for fitting into the allocated time schedule approved by the Standing Committee of PRADS.

Contents of Volume 1

Plenary Lectures. Design Synthesis for Ships and Floating Systems. Life cycle cost and shipping system. Design optimisation. Hull form design. Novel ship concepts - high speed vessels. Novel ship concepts - trimaran. Floating production systems. Very large floating structures (I). Very large floating structures (II). Safety assessment. Design principle and criteria. Design methods. Marine structural design. Application of information technology.
Production. Development in production technology. Fabrication mechanics.
Hydromechanics. Computational fluid dynamics - flow situation. Computational fluid dynamics - environment. Resistance. Performance. Seakeeping and ringing. Deck wetness and impact. Slamming and sloshing. Manoeuvrability - computation and simulation of manoeuvrability.

Contents of Volume 2

Hydromechanics (continued). Propulsor and propulsion. Podded drives. Hull-propulsor-appendages interaction. Experimental techniques.
Structures and Materials. Wave induced loads and responses. Extreme wave loads. hydroelasticity. Reliability. Ultimate stength - sensitivity. Ultimate strength - hull girder. Ultimate strength - stiffened plates and shells. Fatigue assessment and design. Fatigue strength - various factors. Fatigue tests. Fatigue control. Vibration and noise. Vibration control. Non-linear dynamics. Fire and blast. Collision and grounding. Collision and explosion. Application of composite materials. Miscellaneous.
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