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Введение в динамическое позиционирование / Introduction to Dynamic Positioning DP.

Author: Kongsberg
Language: english
Dynamic Positioning (DP) is now a major facility, and is being routinely fitted in new as well as established vessel types.
DP functions are in regular use across a wide range of environments such as Drilling Rigs, Offshore Support Vessels, Floating Production Units, Survey Vessels, Shuttle Tankers to name but a few.
Vessels frequently need to conduct operations of a safety-critical nature, close to platforms or other fixed structure.
In operations of this it is essential that the vessel is able to work to its maximum efficiency, and this includes the competence of Watchkeeping Officers, and DP Operators, who must be properly trained.
Этот курс преднозначен для квалифицираванного персонала, с опытом и без опыта работы DP. Тематика данного курса охватывает теорию работы, элементв системы, эксплуатация объектов, системы исходного положения, специальных функций и приложений, а так же несение вахты и оперативных процедур.


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