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Useful Information for OOW & OOD

Year: 2007
Язык: английский
Author: Capt. Yuriy Shevchenko
Format: DOC,XLS,JPG,etc

The objective of this USEFULL INFORMATION FOR OOW & OOD Book is to summarize and systemize all data for Bulkcarrier’s practice including all aspects of every day activities. It includes such topics as Classic Navigation & Celestial Astronavigation; COLREG; Bulk carrier handling; Bulk carrier Practice, including Bulcarrier’s construction, routine job for technical maintenance of hatch cover; Stability & Stresses, Electronic Navigation; compliance with International Conventions Requirements; Meteorology & Oceanography; Various Training Courses; Commercial Aspects; Safety, LSA & FFE; Technical & Maintenance; Cargo Transportation, especially coal in bulk.
Author did not repeated the fundamental and basic nautical knowledge, he tried to advise the updated information only.
Author will, however, also prove useful as a ready and handy reference to the many every day activities which both the Ship’s Officer and Master will encounter during the course of his career.
The attempt has been made in this book to approach subject of every day Ship’s Officer activities from the basic principles of Navigation and Ship’s Handling and their resolution, and care has been taken to demonstrate the derivation of the many formulae used. It is hoped that this method, combined with many worked examples covering a wide variety of problems, will lead the Navigator to a clearer and deeper understanding of this subject to many worked examples covering daily Bulk carrier Practice.

This USEFULL INFORMATION FOR OOW & OOD Book will be useful not only for beginning Navigators, but for both Experienced Ones and who wants to improve his Navigator’s Experience.
Rating: 4.9 / 5 (Votes: 20)

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