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Руководство капитана по креплению контейнеров / A MASTER’S GUIDE TO: CONTAINER SECURING

Year: 2012
Language: english
Author: Eric Murdoch
Genre: Руководство
Publisher: The Standard P&l Club
Series: 2nd edition
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Number of pages: 47
Description: The development of containerisation was a giant step forward in carrying
general cargo by sea. At the time, it was correctly predicted that unit costs
would fall and cargo damage become a thing of the past.
In the early days of containerised transport, ships carried containers stowed
on hatch covers, three or four high. A variety of lashing systems were in use.
However, the most reliable system consisted of stacking cones, twistlocks,
lashing rods and turnbuckles (bottle screws). These systems were effective
in lashing containers carried on deck to the third tier.
Today, ships are bigger and a post-Panamax container ship will carry
containers on deck stacked up to nine tiers high. However, while the ships
are able to carry containers stacked higher, the lashing systems are still only
capable of lashing to the bottom of the third tier containers or the bottom of
the fourth or fifth tier containers when a lashing bridge is fitted. Ship design
has developed but methods to secure containers have not.
A classification society will approve a ship for the carriage of containers.
Regulations stipulate that the ship must carry a Cargo Securing Manual.
This will contain instructions as to how cargo should be secured. However,
approval of the arrangements in the manual will not necessarily mean that
cargo securing arrangements will withstand foul weather.
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