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ColRegs: Rules of the Road

Year: 2015
Version: 6.0
Platform: Android
Windows7 compatibility: no
System Requirements: 4.0 and up
Crack: Not needed
Description: Use on all Seagoing Sail and Power Vessels - Sailboats, Power Boats, Fishing Boats and all Commercial Vessels, Worldwide.
"... a brilliant training and reference device"
".... excellent graphics, really first class clean design and accurate info..."
This boating, sailing and marine app provides all skippers and crew with the essential quick reference knowledge they need to quickly interpret what other vessels are doing, who has right of way and what action they should take to prevent a possible collision, as specified by the IRPCS ColRegs Rule of The Road "Steering and Sailing Rules", and "Sound and Light Signals" sections.
Whether out on the water or on shore, in daylight, darkness or poor visibility, simply open the app and search the rules in seconds to find the appropriate rule and definition.
- No internet connection required.
- Simple, easy to use navigation for quick reference.
Additional info: -Paid Version


Оценка: 5 / 5 (Голосов: 23)
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