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ISSA Ship Stores Catalogue 2009 Edition / Электронный морской каталог ISSA-2009

Year: 2009
Version: 1.0
Platform: PC (Windows)
Compatibility with Windows7: unknown
System Requirements: Windows 95,98,2000,XP,Me,2003
Pentium II or later processor
Minimum 32MB of RAM (128MB recommended)
Internet Explorer 4.01 SP1 or later
Localization: english
Crack: Not needed
Description: ISSA Ship Stores Catalogue
2009 Edition
Published and distributed by:
International Shipsuppliers & Services Association
The Baltic Exchange, 38 St Mary Axe
Электронная версия ISSA каталога.
Installation instructions::
To Install, run the Setup.exe which is in this folder: this should run automatically when you insert
this CD, if you have the 'auto-run' feature enabled on your PC.
IMPORTANT NOTE: on more recent versions of Windows (2000,XP) the installation must be done as a user with
Administrative rights.


A message box will appear with information about installing some or all of the following items:
- ISSA 2009 catalogue
- ShipServ Catalogue Viewer software
- ShipLink 'shopping cart' software
Notes :
- The Catalogue Viewer software is required in order to view the Catalogues.
- ShipLink software is required if you would like to create and send electronic 'Requisitions' from
the Catalogue.
- If an older version of any of the above items is detected on your PC, you may be prompted to
upgrade to the most recent version (i.e. the version on this CD). You will also be prompted to
choose one of the following options :
- Modify
- Repair
- Remove
Special Notes for Windows 95/Windows NT:
If you install on Windows 95 or NT you may be prompted to reboot your PC during the installation of
ShipLink or the Catalogue Viewer. You can safely choose the option "No - I will reboot my PC later"
and continue with the remainder of the install. However you MUST reboot your PC before starting up
the Catalogue Viewer or ShipLink programs.
In order to use ShipLink you must have Internet Explorer v4.01 SP1 or later installed. Windows 95
was originally shipped with an earlier version of Internet Explorer so if you are installing on
Windows 95 you may have to upgrade your copy of Internet Explorer.
User Manuals:
User manuals for the Catalogue Viewer and ShipLink are included in the 'User Manuals' folder.
These are in PDF format : you will require a PDF reader software such as Abode Acrobat Reader in order
to read the manuals. There is a copy of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software in the 'AcrobatReader'
folder, for your convenience.
Uninstallation instructions:
To uninstall, use the 'Add/Remove Programs' item in the Windows Control Panel.
You can remove the following items:
- ShipLink
- ISSA Catalogue 2009
- ShipServ Catalogue Viewer (N.B if you remove this you will be unable to view any catalogues)
- any other catalogue
If during uninstallation you are prompted for removal of any shared files, you can safely answer 'Yes' to
remove these files.
Technical Support:
For technical assistance, please contact your nearest ShipServ Customer Service Centre:
Hong Kong (0800-1800 local, 0000-1000 GMT):
Phone: + 852 2501 9222, or email [email protected]
Europe (0800-1800 local, 0700-1700 GMT):
Phone: +45 33 32 31 20, or email [email protected]
USA East Coast (0900-1900 local, 1400-0000 GMT):
Phone: +1 732 738 6500, or email [email protected]


ISSA Catalog 2009.iso


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