tr4nc3 ® 04-Dec-2016 16:07
First of all hello 2 all of you !
I hope this is the right section, if not please correct me.
So as i surfed the net i came across of this site, the thing i was looking for is "Volvo Marine Engine D2 Service/workshopp manual", after I uselessly spent 2 hours of my life i realized that manufacturers are hiding that manuals like they are theirs teenager daughters.
My question: Is there some place to find this, or the only option is to buy it?
GOOGLE BOT 05-Dec-2016 15:11
tr4nc3 ® 05-Dec-2016 20:12
Since I see you got nice source for those manuals is there any chance you can get me a D3 Volvo workshop manual ? thanks again
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