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RULES OF SITE SEATRACKER.RUForum-tracker created by Seamen and for Seamen. The word Seaman in this case, refers to the people of Maritime professions in the Maritime and River fleet, the Navy and the Fishing fleet. It also is possible to classify the people who work at the maritime specialties offshore, or build vessels, or interested in water-motor sports and boat model making. As well as the students of various marine, river , Maritime and fisheries educational institutions. Seamen, who created this forum-tracker - from different countries, different specialties, different levels of proficiency, but all have one thing in common - the sea. Therefore, the forum-tracker has "Maritime" focus.
The rules are obligatory for execution by all participants of the forum-tracker.
The administration reserves the right to disconnect from the forum, deactivate, or delete user accounts of forum participants and all of their manifestations of activity that violate the current Rules, and close out-of-date and other topics,which are not relevant to the subject site, without prior notice and explanation of their actions, according to the terms of this agreement.
These rules are not exhaustive and do not describe all possible situations, nuances, provisions, permissions and prohibitions. In all cases of dispute, the final word remains with the Administration.
The administration reserves the right to modify these and additional Rules or to make temporary exceptions to them at its discretion.
1. Registration
1.1 Registration is an integral part of presence on the forum.
1.2 The registration automatically means Your Agreementent with current Rules.
1.3 If You do not agree with these Rules, please write to the Administrator of the forum. He deactivates or deletes Your account.
1.4 The user has the right to register and use only one account.
1.5 Your account can be deactivated or deleted without warning, if the name (nickname) that You have chosen to participate in the forum:
    - externally repeats already existing with the substitution of Cyrillic-Latin and Vice versa,
    - violates the social norms of decency and morality,
    - carries address or advertising sites
    - contains profanity,
    - consists only of numbers random set of characters or uses special. characters
    - similar to the point of confusion with the moderator or administrator name (nickname),
    - similar to the point of confusion with the moderator or admin rank or status.
If extenuating circumstances in the last three cases You may be asked to choose a different name (nickname) you want to rename."
1.6 The required number of characters in the name (nickname) - at least three.
1.7 To register an account it is prohibited to use so-called temporary or disposable e-mail addresses.
1.8 Your account will be deactivated or deleted without warning, if in the profile has been used so-called temporary or disposable e-mail address.
2. Forum restrictions
All forum members are FORBIDDEN TO:
2.1 To insult the forum participants in any form. Participants must comply with respectful form of communication.
2.2 To communicate with using foul language.
2.3 Flame, flood and incitement reproduction off-topic (except for the forum Smoking Room); Overposting, trolling, and other provocations violation of the Rules.
2.4 Create threads with titles that do not reflect in brief their essence ("help", "problem", etc.); which has already been discussed or is similar to available meaning; not suitable for the topic of the chosen forum. To avoid this, use the search function.
2.5 To publish cracks, serial numbers etc in the clear (for publication use a tag "spoiler").
2.6 Anywhere within the forum-tracker to publish in graphic or text advertising messages; commercial messages; links to other resources for advertising purposes; any reference to a closed type community of social networks.
2.7 To use the forum for commercial purposes.
2.8 To use the forum as a Bulletin Board for messages with private nature, addressed to a particular party (use Private Mail (PM) for this).
2.9 Advertising and spam of any nature, including a PM (Personal Message).
2.10 To show racial, national and religious hostility and hatred, including and contemptuous display of disrespect and hatred of any national languages, including Russian; to promote terrorism, extremism, fascism, drugs and other themes that are incompatible with accepted laws, rules of morality and decency.
2.11 Refer to other network resources, especially if there is a distribution in this forum (exceptions may be links to marine thematic sites, the website of developer or author).
2.12 To communicate on the forum with language other than literary Russian / English, and a font other than Cyrillic (transliterated) and Latin; to deliberately ignore the rules of Russian / English, to distort it and overuse slang.
Note: in the absence of the Russian keyboard layout you can use the Translit button in the quick reply window; or on-line transliteration, and virtual keyboard
2.13 To abuse the use of forum [tags], pictures, unrelated to the content of the release, and emoticons. Under the misuse of means including the use of non-standard colors and fonts more than 15% of the total volume of the text, as well as the unjustified use of messages is red - it is the right of Moderators and Administrators. Users can highlight in red only critical small areas of text, if there is a good reasonable necessity to bring them to the attention of other users.
2.14 To abuse the use of CONTINUOUS CAPITAL letters (use Caps Lock).
2.15 Claim and to discuss publically the actions or inaction of the Moderator or Administrator. The forum member who considers the actions of a Moderator misconduct, may Express his disagreement to the Moderator by mail or in a personal message. If there is a Moderator response within a reasonable time or the response, in the opinion of the participant, unjustified, in the established order the right to appeal actions of the Moderator in a special topic of User complaints about moderators and as arguments to provide the property with correspondence with the Moderator. Administration decisions are final and not subject to discussion.
2.16 To edit or delete in user's messages comments and notes, left by Moderators and Administrators.
2.17 Discuss the work of the fake torrent clients and any ways to cheat the tracker statistics system, including bypass of the accounting Ratio.
2.18 To use the option "Report this post" for a purpose not covered by these Rules and failure to comply with the conditions specified on the page of complaint/application.
2.19 To use anywhere else to post images and screenshots of the so-called forbidden fotohostings. Allowed photohostings:
For registration of releases and labels is highly recommended not to use third-party photohosting servers. Moderators have the right and will require you to upload images to our server.
2.20 To place in your posts images with erotic or pornographic content.
3. Avatar and signature
Avatar and signature forum participants must meet the following terms:
3.1 Signature:
    3.1.0 The maximum width of signature with the use of images, including click-through increasing : no more than two standard Userbars (~ 700 px).
    3.1.1 The maximum height of signature - 40 pixels, i.e. including click-through increasing (in other words not more than 2 thin Userbars, or the userbar and the text string), or 4 lines of text with a font size of 10 (for poets).
    3.1.2 Forbidden signatures containing images from the service spеedtе and any other clickable image or link, except in referencing projects seatracker and partners.
    3.1.3 The following contents is prohibited:
    violence, cruelty, threats and discrimination (demographic, ethnic, religious or political basis) in all their manifestations; propaganda of terrorism, extremism, fascism, drugs, profanity and insults (profanity, name-calling, rudeness, etc.); debauchery (pornography) and other obscene images; phrases and images provocative sense; other issues incompatible with accepted laws, rules of morality and decency; commercial advertising and promotional texts, links to any third-party network resources and their advertising (with the exception of projects seatracker); imitation of the ranks/grades of the resource."
    3.1.4 Prohibited in the caption to abuse the use of forum [tags]; including emoticons (allowed not more than 3 units); including the use of red text (it's pre-emptive right of the Moderators and Administrators).
    3.1.5 Prohibited in the caption to abuse the use of CONTINUOUS CAPITAL letters (use Caps Lock).
    3.1.6 Forbidden to use spoilers in the signature.
    3.1.7 Forbidden signatures containing images unwittingly attracts too much attention (much blinking/twinkling/rotating animation or made in a very poisonous bright acid colours.
3.2 Avatars:
    3.2.1 Maximum size: 101x101 pixels.
    3.2.2 It is forbidden to use avatars, unwittingly attracts too much attention (much blinking/twinkling/rotating animation or made in a very poisonous bright acid colours.
    3.2.3 The following contents is prohibited:
    violence, threats and discrimination (demographic, ethnic, religious or political basis) in all their manifestations; propaganda of terrorism, extremism, fascism, drugs, profanity and insults (profanity, name-calling, rudeness, etc.); the scenes of violence; debauchery (pornography) and other obscene images; phrases and provocative images of sense; synonymous symbols of racial supremacy, and other issues incompatible with accepted laws, rules of morality and decency; commercial and advertising texts, Internet addresses, and advertising of any third-party network resources, including QR codes (with the exception of projects seatracker); imitation of the ranks/grades of this resource, including avatar Bot'; close confusingly similarity with avatars of Administrators or Moderators.
4. Tracker Restrictions and requirements
All the participants of the tracker is prohibited:
4.1 Create and post for download the release, duplicating that already exists on seatracker (Overlapping material is not different in either substance or quality; the distribution in the Archives are not taken into account).
    4.1.1 Create and post for download the release, containing in its title/header diacritics, hieroglyphs, Arabic script, etc. characters (Unicode characters / Unicode) as the main original title if the original is not duplicated the English version or translit, or if not duplicated with the replacement of apparently similar characters for Latin. It is necessary for the health of the internal search.
4.2 Create and post for download the release, containing the scenes and objects that violate the generally accepted norms of morality, pornography, explicit erotic, propaganda of drug addiction, the materials of the nationalist and racist wing, and other referred to in paragraph 2.10 of these Rules, as well as various Databases that are missing in the free legal access, etc.
    4.2.1 Create and post for download the release, containing in it's title, description or file names, foul language or euphemisms.
4.3 The sharing of torrent files (*.torrent , not the content of the releases) with other online resources:
    4.3.1 Upload to other Internet resources, downloaded from here torrent files, except for torrent files with platinum releases (the last is allowed and encouraged!).
    4.3.2 When you create a release to attach the torrent file previously registered (downloaded) on another tracker (the torrent file for the release you need to create your own!).
4.4 To get away from the seeding after the end of the download/distribution before the appearance of the 3 downloaders (seeders).
4.5 To close the channel of upload. You should maintain the ratio of the volume of information uploaded to the volume downloaded more than 0.3.
If Ratio < 0.3 and the number of downloaded 20 Gb - downloads prohibited. Allowed a one-time reset ratio.
Upload the fully-downloaded releases resolved ALWAYS to provide the ability to raise the rating.
4.6 Create and post for download release in the cumulative files, without prior approval from the relevant moderator, namely:
- the archive (RAR, ZIP, ...) is prohibited in all categories of the tracker,
- in the disk image (ISO, MDF, NRG, ...) is prohibited for books, allowed for software.
4.7 Unauthorized remove/update a torrent or release without prior notification of moderator or reason explanation.
4.8 To use fake and cheat torrent clients/utilities on the tracker and other methods of manipulation Upload/Download and system fraud statistics tracker, otherwise your account will be deactivated or deleted without warning with zeroing all Upload.
All members who create releases on the tracker (upload the file for public download), must:
4.9 Before creating of release personally check the quality of this distribution and specify the accuracy of the information about release.
4.10 The name of a single file or folder with the files in the distribution may contain the name of the tracker. Examples: Filename_[seatracker].avi ; Folder_filename_[seatracker]
4.11 In the case of Russian name of file or folder - files and folders should use Latin alphabet (transliteration)
4.12 Releases should contain either Russian or English language ( If it is book - it should be with one of above languages; if it video - it should contain at least one of above languages in subtitles; if it is software - it should contain one of above languages as interface language; etc)
Releases with other languages should not be placed on the tracker.
5. Rules of torrent commenting
5.1 Torrent comment system created to:
- ask a question about features of the distribution, if it is insufficient in the description or similar issue was not addressed in the comments above
- provide interesting or important information related to the distribution.
Note: to Express respect for the author of the hand and thanks for the release can and should click the pic and comments to the distributions of categories of Programs and Games - only with her because of the typically rapid filling pages with irrelevant comments and the complexity of search there really important parts of the discussion."
5.2 We welcome friendly comments containing additional interesting or useful data, including relevant and just witty and funny messages (with the exception of the discussion of releases with multi-page topics).
5.3 If You do not intend to connect to distribution - do not comment it.
5.4 In the comments are prohibited any languages other than Russian and English.
5.5 Forbidden flame, flood and instigating and trolling and other provocations.
5.6 Overquoting is prohibited. Quote only important, significant parts of the message You are replying to.
If you need to quote a long message - put it under the spoiler."
5.7 Prohibited baseless negative comments regarding upcoming release; releaser; regarding other participants in the discussion. Also prohibited to significally lower the user's reputation, put plenty minus signs tobthe rating of its messages.
Remember, releases on our tracker in any way not designed to meet your personal requests, if you don't like the release or download speed - try to find something suitable to you in another place without negative comments here.
5.8 Prohibited unreasoned statements about the contents of malware (viruses, etc.) in the release without screenshot of Antivirus with information about the threat (or similar excerpts from the log file of the antivirus), untitled/the version of the antivirus and date anti-virus signatures (virus database updates).
It is strongly recommended to check out the controversial file online at and provide in the comments a link to the scan results of this file.
5.9 Every user's message can be edited by user during 24 hours from time when it has been posted.
6. Moderators and Administrators
6.1 The moderators keep order, look for compliance with the Forum Rules and Rules of torrent registration.
6.2 Moderators make decisions according compliance of user's comments to Forum Rules and compliance of release to requirements of torrent registration Rules.
6.3 Moderators can edit or delete user's messages if these messages contradict or do not meet the basic requirements of the Rules and the topic of this forum, or in the other cases, if deemed it necessary.
6.4 Prohibited correction by user of moderator's edits and comments.
Exception - the re-edits agreed with the moderator; edit signatures/avatars with the comment by the Administration about the violation of the Rules about signature/avatar.
6.5 Moderators can remove the text from topics, which does not meet tracker requirements.
6.6 Moderators can move topics to a more appropriate section of the tracker or forum.
6.7 Moderators can lock threads for comment and/or move them to archive, if the subject has lost relevance; if the participants deviated from its essence; or for other reasons.
6.8 Moderators can close the releases from comments and/or move them to the archive or trash directory if the release was irrelevant; if the release is considered as repetition; if the release more than one month has no seeders; if the discussion has deviated in the comments from the point of release; or for other reasons.
6.9 Moderators can give users a warning for non-compliance, and in case of systematic and/or serious violation have the right temporarily close such user's access to the forum (ban), and up to deactivating by the Administration of their account.
6.10 All of above mentioned steps can be carried out by Administrators.
7. Reputation
7.1 It is forbidden to create multiple accounts and increase your reputation.
7.2 It is prohibited intentionally to understate the rating of all messages of the user.
7.3 Users with negative reputation not allowed to replay in threads and reduce reputation to other users.
7.4 It is forbidden to beg for a reputation. Users seen in this can be punished by the site administration.
8. Rules of creation releases
8.1 Before release creation, check that there is no the same release on the tracker uploaded ( use upper line with user's search from Google).
8.2 The minimum width for uploaded poster - 300px . The poster should not be advertising and links to third party sites.
8.3 The presence of the poster required. If not, then you can use themed images as here from google pictures
8.4 In the header it is prohibited to write in upper case (except for acronyms) or shorten the original name.
8.5 It is allowed to release books from assembled releases
8.6 The title should contain not more than two authors.
8.7 If the text of the document in two languages, the name should be a double (example)
8.8 If the file size less than 500KB (the list of questions, texts from books, scans, photos, etc.), it would be better to post it in the forum as attached document or archive (example). Allowed for attachment files
8.9 Try do not blindly copy text descriptions of releases from other sites. Change your description and make your own screenshots. This will have a positive impact on the tracker's development.
8.10 In order to get a text description of the files PDF, JPG, TIFF, etc., use OCR program ABBYY FineReader Professional and ABBYY Screenshot Reader

8.11 Others

8.11.1 Screenshoots upload to our server here
In the field screenshoots insert codes, like this:
8.11.2 Repeated releases should be moved to trash. To do this, enter category, click on the arrow from left side of file name, select file, then scroll down and select Move.
8.11.3 Long lists, table of contents, the forewords should be hidden under spoiler
[spoiler="Spoiler Name"]Long text[/spoiler]

Spoiler Name

Long text
8.11.4Do not use in the text external links to third party sites.
Allowed the following links:
-internal link to a similar release, topic.
-link to the website of the author, developer.
-link to the page theme (nautical theme)
The link should be made as follow:
[url][/url] or like this [url=]Google[/url] or like this Google
Anonymous link to the developer's website (link insert after
8.12 The name of the released file must be in the following format book Title - Author - Year ( Essential grammar in use-Murphy Raymond-2017.pdf)
    8.12.1 If the release is for English-speaking users, the name of the released file should contain only Latin letters.
8.13 It is prohibited to create and post for download thereleases in archives (RAR, ZIP, ...) and other cumulative files without prior approval from the section moderator. Extract files and create the distribution folder
8.14 Information of the video file can be read with using MediaInfo
8.15 !Important If you are going to place the English book (the program), then the pre-change the language to English in the top right corner. Design form for release will become an English.
8.16 If the width of the screenshots > 150px then you have put a tick in the checkbox during upload create preview and paste in the release of screenshots as a preview.
8.17 If possible, insert content for books and screenshots for video.
8.18 If you did not fill in the text box "Content", the screenshots must contain at least one screenshot with the contents of the book.
8.19 In order to re-upload torrent file for current release you need to select new torrent file by click Choose File button, then click Upload New Version button and Send topic. After you will be prompted to download the torrent file, you have to download it and agree with update of tracker list in client

8.20 Re-upload of torrent files can be done only within 24 hours from the time of publication. If you need to re-upload torrent file after 24 hours from time of publication - it can be done only with moderator assistance.
Messages with releases can be edited if it has one of the following statuses:
    - not checked,
    - not formalized,
    - not formalized until
If message with release has any other status, but you need to edit this message - ask moderators to change temporary status of message with release.
8.21 In General, try to make at least 3 screenshots of your release from various places. It is allowed to attach the content (index) of publishing books as screenshots.
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