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The Competent ROV Pilot/Technician

Year: 20??
Language: english
Author: Keith McGregor
Genre: Handbook
Publisher: SubServ Ltd
Edition: -
ISBN: 0 9531542 0 4
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 228
Description: Foreword
The ROV Industry has at last come of age. This maturity is shown in a number of ways, not least of which is the increasing demand for a highly skilled, motivated and professional work force.
A Pilot/Tcchnician is required to demonstrate a high degree of technical skill and is expected to evidence an extraordinary level of operational expertise. Outwidi his need to have an expert technical discipline, he is also required to be a cameraman, photographer, commentator, seaman, weatherman, navigator, crane driver and report writer. Most of all he has to be inventive, flexible and a ‘team player’.
This handbook goes a long way in giving a new entrant the insight and knowledge required to gather, learn and use the skills required of him. In striving to provide the ROV industry with a document that will meet die obligations of this professional era, the authors have compiled a comprehensive and authoritative reference manual that is a‘must’for budding Pilot/Tcchnicians wishing to pursue an interesting and rewarding career


Chapter 1 Introduction 4
Chapter 2 Offshore Safety 14
Chapter 3 Types of ROV 29
Chapter 4 Offshore Structures 33
Chapter 5 ROV Applications 38
Chapter 6 Electrical Systems 67
Chapter 7 Test equipment 93
Chapter 8 ROV Hydraulic Systems 100
Chapter 9 Pre/Post Dive Checks 128
Chapter 10 Electrical Maintenance 130
Chapter 11 Mechanical Maintenance 140
Chapter 12 Contingency Procedures 149
Chapter 13 Communications 153
Chapter 14 Video Systems 155
Chapter 15 Still Photography 160
Chapter 16 Seamanship 165
Chapter 17 Drag, Buoyancy & Navigation 177
Chapter 18 Piloting Principles and use of Sonar 188
Chapter 19 Quality Assurance 202
Chapter 20 Teamwork 204
Appendix 1 Resistor and capacitor colour codes 208
Appendix 2 Electrical formulae 209
Appendix 3 Hydraulic formulae, data and metric units 210
Appendix 4 Hydraulic symbols 212
Appendix 5 Hydraulic fluids 219
Appendix 6 Hydraulic pipes 221
Appendix 7 Hydraulic cylinder size selection 223
Appendix 8 Specifications for typical underwater video cameras 224
Appendix 9 Rigging 225


Rating: 5 / 5 (Votes: 11)
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