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JRC Gyrocompass Users Manual CMZ 900D

Year: 2009
Language: english
Author: JRC
Genre: Manual
Publisher: JRC
Edition: 3
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 230
Description: The CMZ900 Gyrocompass fully conforms to the technical requirements of the IMO resolution A.424 (XI),
gyrocompass performance standards, as well as to JIS F9602, Class A standards.
The anti-vibration structure has been strengthened and improvement of the follow-up
performance has been achieved, leading to increased rigidity of the gyrocompass in all types
of ships, from small to large.

Features of CMZ900

✅ High north-seeking accuracy
High north-seeking accuracy is achieved because of the following configuration: The gyrosphere,
the heart of the gyrocompass, is supported in a container filled with liquid, which prevents disturbance from affecting the center pin. In addition, two gyro-rotors rotate at a high speed and work
with each other to cancel out errors due to the rolling, pitching and yawing of a ship.
✅ Excellent vibration resistance and shock resistance
A unique anti-vibration mechanism enhanced by the velocity damping effect of high viscous oil,
provides superior damping of vibration and decoupling of shock at sea.
✅ Improvement of follow-up performance
The container size is more reduced and it is realized more stabilized follow-up performance has
been achieved.
✅ Digitalization of Master compass heading
The master compass heading is displayed with digital numbers. It offers easy reading of the
✅ Automatic speed-error correcting function
Speed-error is corrected automatically by entering the ship’s speed signal and latitude signal respectively from the log and GPS or the like. The amount of latitude change in the case where there
is no latitude signal input is estimated from a calculation of the ship’s speed and heading. In a BType system, this function is implemented in the remote unit.
✅ Functions for various displays and settings
Various types of gyrocompass information can be displayed and set on the Master compass operation unit and remote unit.
✅ Preparation of outputs corresponding to every requirement
In addition to the digital heading signal output for the Repeater compass, the stepper heading
signal output, digital signal output (IEC61162-1/-2), analog heading, quadrant, and angular turning
velocity signal output are equipped as standard.
✅ Onboard battery drive
Compass running by the onboard battery is available as standard.
✅ Built-in startup timer
The restart time of the timer can be set from 1 to 99 hours.
✅ Heading output using external azimuth sensor signal
Using the heading signal from the external heading sensor (GPS compass, magnet compass, etc.)
signals can be output to external connecting device such as Repeater compasses or a radar.



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