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Thrane & Thrane - SAILOR 6120/30/40/50 Mini-C System User Manual

Year: 2011
Language: english
Author: Thrane & Thrane A/S
Genre: Manual
Publisher: Thrane & Thrane A/S
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 106
Description: With the Mini-C System you can send and receive data via satellite through
the Inmarsat C network. Four variants of the Mini-C System are described in
this manual:
• SAILOR 6120 SSA System
• SAILOR 6130 LRIT System
• SAILOR 6140 Maritime System
• SAILOR 6150 Non-SOLAS System
Each of these systems uses its own variant of the
SAILOR 3027 Mini-C Terminal.
The basic Mini-C System consists of a power supply and the following units:
•SAILOR3027 Mini-CTerminal.
Contains both transceiver, GPS receiver and omni-directional antenna for the Inmarsat C system.
Connects to other equipment, primarily the THRANE 6194, through a CAN interface carrying
both power and bi-directional communication.
• THRANE 6194 Terminal Control Unit (only included with SAILOR 6120 and SAILOR 6150).
Enables you to connect the SAILOR 3027 with other equipment, such as Distress buttons, SSA (Ship
Security Alert) buttons or a computer or Message Terminal. The THRANE 6194 comes with the
SAILOR 6120 and SAILOR 6150 systems only, but is available for the other systems as well.
• SAILOR 6007 Message Terminal (not included. Can be purchased separately).
When the easyMail program is installed, you can send and receive messages, monitor system status
and test the system. The SAILOR 6007 has a touch-screen interface but can also be operated from a
connected keyboard.
For a more detailed description of the units, refer to the installation manual
for the SAILOR 6120/30/40/50 Mini-C System.



Thrane & Thrane - SAILOR 6120_30_40_50 Mini-C System


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