Val Ryman ® 14-Jun-2018 04:45
The Thank U button on the tracker is not working for me.
I think the Thank U button has not been working for me for several weeks.
Depending on what port and vessel, I use different computers with different browsers (and associated software such as Java and Flash). In the past month or two I have used two different Windows PCs, one running Windows 7 and one running Windows 10. I first noted the problem with the Thank U button using the Windows 7 PC.
Now I'm on a different vessel in a different part of the world. And I have the same problem. That makes me think that the problem is with the Forum/Tracker website and not with the PCs I have been using.
Most recent Forum post to which I could not give thanks was to janataly's forum post on ISM Code (topic 26300).
GOOGLE BOT 15-Jun-2018 12:44
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