dragoon87 ® 21-Feb-2017 01:02
How to Use Transas, OpenCPM & Other Navigators Software?
1. I Download http://deckofficer.ru/seasoft/item/transas-7000 & https://seatracker.ru/viewtopic.php?t=3592
but i cant see a proper map, do i need to download a Map?
2.where can i download a map for those applications?
3. any guide for beginning to use Open CPM & Transas & other navigational applications?
Як користуватися Транзас', OpenCPM та інших НАВІГАТОРИ програмне забезпечення?
1. Завантажити офлайнову http://deckofficer.ru/seasoft/item/transas-7000 & https://seatracker.ru/viewtopic.php?t=3592
, але я бачу матизації належну карти, мені доведеться завантаження карти?
2.де можна завантажити карти на ці застосунки?
3. Будь-який довідник для початку користування Відкритим CPM & Транзас' та інших навігаційних застосунки?
Как использовать компанией Transas Dataco, OpenCPM & других навигаторов программное обеспечение?
1. Я загрузить http://deckofficer.ru/seasoft/item/transas-7000 & https://seatracker.ru/viewtopic.php?t=3592
но i cant см. правильное карты, нужно загрузить карту?
2.Где я могу загрузить карты для этих приложений?
3. любое руководство для начала использовать открытые CPM & компанией Transas Dataco и других навигационных приложений?
Arcan 21-Feb-2017 10:56
How to Use Transas, OpenCPM & Other Navigators Software?
Actually you downloaded OpenCPM software. Regarding Charts to be used with this software it would be better to go HERE and read carefully.
Good luck!
Arcan 06-Mar-2017 14:14
Any torrent you can recommend something like Ecdis in PC?
It's up to you. Some people prefer to use OpenCPN, some MaxSea, dKart, Telco or Transas software. But most of them are commercial soft.
Guest 06-Mar-2017 23:22
Thank you. Virtual Machine is needed for the Transas 3000 to work?
Arcan 07-Mar-2017 07:30
29273в названии темы ошибка. opencpn.
Исправил. Автор, похоже, использовал гугль переводчик.
Arcan 07-Mar-2017 07:33
29276Thank you. Virtual Machine is needed for the Transas 3000 to work?
No, it is not necessary. If you would like to run Transas on MacOS or Linux - in this case yes, it needed, as Transas for these OS not exist.
GOOGLE BOT 07-Mar-2017 07:33
Guest 07-Mar-2017 10:29
Is there any way to keep the chart updated in transas and other ecdis like software?
Arcan 07-Mar-2017 10:54
There are no problem to keep charts updated if you have licensed software and have contract with chart developers.
But it cost money
Guest 30-Aug-2018 02:59
For me best Opencpn is the best due to its simplicity. You only need to download a Cmap v2 worldwide folio so you can have charts with worldwide coverage. I use Opencpn for advance passage planning since my company is ken on ordering any prospected voyage to the last minute. We have Transas Navisailor 4000 ECDIS and I am using the passage planner to export the routes in .gpx format to which the Opencpn can read.We have LAN and I used gpsgate to distribute the gps signal from bridge to my office down 3 decks below and while sitting there I can monitor vessels movements, including AIS targets. Гуд! Одобряю
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