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S-100, UNIVERSAL HYDROGRAPHIC DATA MODEL, Edition 3.0.0 April 2017

Year: 2017
Language: english
Author: IHO
Genre: Technical book
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 580
Description: Development of S-100 – the IHO Universal Hydrographic Data Model was included in the IHO
Work Programme in 2001. S-100 has been developed by the IHO Transfer Standards
Maintenance and Applications Development (TSMAD) Working Group with active
participation from hydrographic offices, industry and academia. Since 2015, S-100 has been
further developed by the S100 Working Group (S100WG).
S-100 provides a contemporary hydrographic geospatial data standard that can support a
wide variety of hydrographic-related digital data sources, and is fully aligned with mainstream
international geospatial standards, in particular the ISO 19100 series of geographic
standards, thereby enabling the easier integration of hydrographic data and applications into
geospatial solutions.
The primary goal for S-100 is to support a greater variety of hydrographic-related digital data
sources, products, and customers. This includes the use of imagery and gridded data,
enhanced metadata specifications, unlimited encoding formats and a more flexible
maintenance regime. This enables the development of new applications that go beyond the
scope of traditional hydrography - for example, high-density bathymetry, seafloor
classification, marine GIS, et cetera. S-100 is designed to be extensible and future
requirements such as 3-D, time-varying data (x, y, z, and time) and Web-based services for
acquiring, processing, analysing, accessing, and presenting hydrographic data can be easily
added when required.
The S-100 development and maintenance process is specifically aimed at allowing direct
input from non-IHO stakeholders, thereby increasing the likelihood that these potential users
will maximise their use of hydrographic data for their particular purposes.
S-100 will eventually replace S-57 – the established IHO Transfer Standard for Digital
Hydrographic Data.



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