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Probabilistic Theory of Ship Dynamics

Year: 1974
Language: english
Author: R. E. D. Bishop, W. G. Price
Genre: Textbook
Publisher: Chapman and Hall
Edition: 1
ISBN: 0412124300
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 321
Description: Only comparatively recently has the motion of a ship's hull in waves been examined from the probalistic standpoint of random process theory. In this development, the Department of Mechanical Engineering of University College, London, has played a pioneering role. The authors have provided an introduction to random process theory and then, in the later part of the book, have shown how this theory can be applied to the general problems of naval architecture.


Basic Statistics
Sets and subsets
Random variable
Characteristics of probability density functions
Random processes
Frequency analysis
Travelling waves
Generalized frequency analysis
Wave spectral density functions
Theory of seakeeping
Random vibration of linear systems
Deterministic theory of ship motions
Motion in a seaway
Excessive motions and design factors
Nonlinear motions


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