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International Cloud Atlas

Year: 1987
Language: english
Author: World Meteorological Organization
Genre: Reference book
Publisher: WMO
Format: PDF
Quality: OCR without errors
Pages count: 212
Description: The Atlas describes the classification system for clouds and meteorological phenomena, any kind of cloud is completely described and classified.
The Atlas is a standard, provides a common language to communicate cloud observations, and ensures consistency in reporting by observers around the world.
Additional info: International Cloud Atlas, Vol 2 (WMO-No. 407)
Format: landscape


Clouds as seen from the earth's surface
Orographic clouds
Clouds as seen from aircraft
Special clouds


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paolina_3 ® 27-Mar-2020 00:29
To zxc, don't know if my reply via PM was sent.
Anyway post International Cloud Atlas - WMO [2002, PDF] has wrong information.
Is not 2002, but 1987, quality is worse (photo pages) and is 55 MB, instead of 11. Please check. Thank you.
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