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Woman alone : Sailing solo across the Atlantic

Year: 1977
Language: english
Author: Clare Francis
Genre: Textbook
Publisher: David McKay Company, Inc
Edition: First
ISBN: ISBN 0-679-50758-2
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 213
Description: Woman Alone is a sailor's story of courage and adventure. But Woman
Alone is also a woman's story a dramatic account of an epic voyage by a
superb young British sailor. Standing five feet two and weighing little more
than a hundred pounds, Clare Francis was one of four women competitors in
the 1976 Singlehanded Transatlantic Race. This is her very personal account
of that race, a grueling contest that boasted a record number of competitors,
claimed two lives, and was sailed in "dirty weather" almost from shore
to shore. Although 37 sailors were forced to retire, Clare Francis sailed
her 38-foot sloop, Robertson's Golly, from Plymouth, England, to Newport,
Rhode Island, in 29 days, finishing thirteenth overall. During that passage,
she survived mountainous seas and violent gales, two weeks' continuous fog,
and a near-miss between two massive icebergs. Numbed with fatigue, she
often wondered why she was there; Woman A lone goes a long way toward
explaining why small-boat sailors, female or male, risk their lives on long
ocean voyages.
Additional info: Clare Francis, who was born in Surrey, England, began sailing at the age
of five. She received her secondary education at the Royal Ballet School
and later studied economics at University College, London. She gave up a
marketing career and the city for a life of travel and adventure when she
bought Gulliver G, and first sailed the Atlantic singlehanded. Since then she
has successfully competed in the Round Britain Race, the Azores and Back
Race, and the L'Aurore Singlehanded Race.



Woman alone sailing solo across the Atlantic


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