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Navigation and Nautical Astronomy, 11th Edition 1919

Year: 1919
Language: english
Author: J. H. Coffin, Elmer B. Collins
Genre: Manual
Publisher: Van Nostrand Co.
Edition: 11th
Format: PDF
Quality: OCR without errors
Pages count: 280
Description: The book is a classical treatise on navigation and nautical astronomy that meets the need of the student, and is of some assistance to the navigator.
This is the 1919 edition, prepared for the use of the U.S. Naval Academy, revised and enlarged by Elmer B. Collins. It follows the 1898 edition, having introduced a complete revision of the text and examples, due to the method devised by the late Admiral Marcq St. Hilaire, for fixing the vessel's position by the intersection of two or more lines of position, sighted from celestial bodies.
The new system adopted, nowadays in common use, is to compute the altitude, or zenith distance of the body used, and compare this with the observed altitude.
Several necessary chapters have been added. The chapter on the Sumner line has been changed; a chapter dealing with all cases met with in the New Navigation has been introduced. Examples and worked exercises have been arranged and revised.



Navigation and Nautical Astronomy, 11th Edition 1919.pdf


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