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Sailing in the Fog

Year: 1986
Language: english
Author: Duncan R.F.
Genre: Manual
Publisher: International Marine Publishing Co
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 105
Description: “I woke early and from my bunk could see through the hatch a gray and featureless sky. Fog dew dripped from the rigging, tapping on the deck in a melancholy, arrhythmical pattern. Big drops hung from the boom. I could hear the horn on Little River Light, muted by the island between us, and the soft complaint of gulls standing on weir stakes waiting for something good to happen..." So begins Roger Duncan’s account of a day’s run in the fog along the coast of Maine. On such a morning a skipper would be tempted to roll over for another hour’s sleep, enjoy a late and leisurely breakfast, and, if the fog hadn’t yet scaled up, kill a day at anchor. Whether or not you put to sea depends on your commitments back home, your crew, and your confidence. This book will help you on the latter score.
Duncan tells you everything you need to know about dead reckoning, compass adjusting, reading the chart, using electronic aids, keeping a log, avoiding collisions, and finding a mark under sail or power. But he does more than that. He conveys the sense and feel as well as the mechanics of making a run in the fog — the fascination, the dreariness, the apprehension, and the satisfaction when a buoy is raised or a safe and comfortable anchorage is reached.
Those who accept the challenge with caution and vigilance find that sailing in the fog brings vivid memories and a sense of achievement. Take this book on your next cruise, and try it. As Duncan says, quoting the old man, “Knowledge earned is better than knowledge learned if it don’t come too dear.’’



Duncan R.F. Sailing in the Fog, 1986.pdf


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