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Altering Course

Year: 1978
Language: english
Author: Richard J. Vogt
Genre: History
Publisher: Sail Books, Inc.
Edition: First
ISBN: 0-914814-12-5
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 218
Description: This is the account of a Florida banker and his wife, a college professor, who decided in mid-life to quit their jobs, sell their home, and build a boat to spend the rest of their days cruising in different parts of the world. Not just another nautical adventure story, this book instead is the story of one couples carefully planned realization of the dream so many people share. It is also a celebration of their boat, Mischief', one of the best-known custom- built ocean cruisers of the '70's.
Arthur Beiser, author of The Proper Yacht, says of Mischief: "She is a proper yacht, and given her solid construction, is likely to remain one for decades to come. Mischief has enough autonomy for any venture her owner might wish to undertake... .The solutions she embodies to the problems of wind and sea, close-quarters living, and so on are worth a close look by anyone contemplating a new boat."
Vogt gives step-by-step explanations of the details of how Sparkman & Stephens designed Mischief, built to be the perfect cruising sailboat. He follows this with a lively and intelligent account of their first voyage, from the yard in Holland where the boat was built to the West Indies, via England, Spain, and the Mediterranean. He includes numerous anecdotes that give the flavor of foreign sailing, and has a knack for perceiving and describing the essence of the problems and pleasures involved.
For those planning to do some serious cruising as well as those who merely wish they could, this book will certainly be an inspiration.



Altering course


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