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NMC 52: Electronically Controlled Engine (MAN B&W ME) Training Textbook

Year: 2012
Language: english
Author: NYK Maritime College
Publisher: NYK Maritime College, Singapore
Edition: Version 1.2
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 127
Description: Technological advances developed over the last decade have made it possible to commercially launch the electronically controlled engine. In the MAN B&W diesel engine portfolio, this concept is named ME engine series, comprising a range of low speed engines with most of the bore, stroke and process parameters as the MC- mechanically controlled engines.
The “ME” range comprises engines with on-line continuous control of the timing of the fuel injection and exhaust valve opening and closing , by means of electronic control acting via a high pressure hydraulic oil interface.
The ME-B engines have electronic fuel injection timing control, like the ME engines, but at the same time they have a small camshaft for mechanical exhaust valve opening. The electronic control of fuel injection means more stable running, particularly at low load.
The benefits are obtained mostly in the control of the fuel injection, where the system, with individually controlled fuel pumps with hydraulic oil actuation, allows optimum fuel injection (free) rate shaping at any load.
Hence the fuel injection pressure and thus injection intensity is a controllable parameter, contrary to the situation on mechanically controlled engines.



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