MarnelKelis ® 09-Jun-2021 08:08
I’m currently a sophomore in college and I’ve been interested in Marine Biology for a bit of time. After doing research into it it seems like most people who are marine biologist regret it or felt like they wasted there time. Also along with looking into this career and other STEM related careers it seems like non are really enjoyable. So I guess my question is do any of the marine biologist or anyone in a stem field actually enjoy it or is it just to pay the bills. Edit: I also don’t really get any joy out of anything out of life just to let some people know.
skipper3362 09-Jun-2021 09:45
MarnelKelis, i thinmk you a little bit on the wrong forum for this . i do not think we have a lot of those here , we are a forum for people that work on schip or in the organisationa onshore that support the ships.
and yes we have to deal with the enviorment because we have to keep os on the international laws about it, there is where is most times stops.
i do not know of your question have a good change to get the anwer you look for.
but in general , search in you what you wanne do not other if you like in that what you doing and you think that you can go to your job every day with a smile on your face then do it if not, dont do it.
and yes we have also bad day but that has everone.
if you not sure go do some test about job and find out where yor intressest are and what you need to get studding to get there.
and think good about it this is what you gonne do ther rest of you live , so do not let it be an tough of the moment , en tommorow some thing diffent and the day after something els
that is the only think i can tell and advice you
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