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The Pocket Atlas of Human Anatomy, Revised Edition

Year: 2022
Language: english
Author: Chris Jarmey
Genre: Reference book
Publisher: Lotus Publishing
Edition: Revised
ISBN: 1623177340
Format: EPUB
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 272
Description: Revised and updated: a user-friendly illustrated guide to human anatomy, written for students and practitioners.
This concise, pocket-sized guide is a full-color on-the-go reference for students and practitioners of anatomy, massage, physical therapy, chiropractics, medicine, nursing, and physiotherapy. This second edition is more comprehensive, and now includes the skin, and the cardiovascular system, and more.
Chapters 1 through 7 explain anatomical orientation, tissues, bones, the axial and appendicular skeletons, joints, and skeletal muscles and fascia. Subsequent chapters detail the four major muscle groups with composite illustrations of each region’s deep and superficial muscles in both anterior and posterior views. Color tables show each muscle’s origin, insertion, innervation, and action.
A final chapter by Thomas W. Myers outlines myofascial meridians, presenting a map of fascial tracks and illustrating how they wind longitudinally through series of muscles. This new approach to structural patterning has far-reaching implications for effective movement training and manual therapy treatment.
Three appendices illustrate cutaneous nerve supply and dermatomes (Appendix 1), the major skeletal muscles (Appendix 2), including detailed charts of the main muscles involved in movement, and the remaining body systems (Appendix 3).
“Impressive artwork throughout—far better than many of the current textbooks.”—Dr. Robert Whitaker, MA MD MChir FRCS FMAA, Anatomist, University of Cambridge, author of Instant Anatomy, Fifth Edition and A Visual Guide to Clinical Anatomy (Wiley-Blackwell)


A Note About Peripheral Nerve Supply
1Anatomical Terms
Connective Tissue
Muscle Tissue
Bone Development and Growth
Functions of Bones
Types of Bone—According to Density
Types of Bone—According to Shape
Components of a Long Bone
Bone Markings
4The Axial Skeleton
The Skull, Comprising the Cranium and the Facial Bones
The Vertebral Column (Spine)
The Bony Thorax
5The Appendicular Skeleton
The Pectoral Girdle
The Upper Limb
The Pelvic Girdle (Os Innominatum)
The Lower Limb
General Skeletal Interrelationships
Bony Landmarks Seen or Felt Near the Body Surface
Part One—Classification of Joints
Part Two—Features of Specific Joints
Joints of the Head and Vertebral Column
Joints of the Ribs and Sternum
Joints of the Shoulder Girdle and Upper Limb
Joints of the Pelvic Girdle and Lower Limb
7The Musculoskeletal System
Structure and Function of Skeletal Muscle
Musculoskeletal Mechanics
8Fascia and the Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridians
Practical Holism
The Single Muscle Theory
Whole Body Communicating Networks
The Connective Tissue System
The Anatomy Trains
Appendix 1: Dermatomes and Sensory Nerve Supply
Appendix 2: Muscles Involved in Movement
Appendix 3: Organisation of the Human Body


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