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Anatomy of the Ship - Collection

Language: english
Genre: History
Publisher: Conway Maritime Press
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Description: Хорошо известная среди судомоделистов серия монографий "Anatomy of the Ship" посвящена известным кораблям разных эпох. Каждая монография посвящена отдельному кораблю. В книгах приводится историческая справка, сведения об устройстве и характеристиках корабля и подробнейшие чертежи.
The Anatomy of the Ship series of books are comprehensive treatments of the design and construction of individual ships. They have been published by Conway Maritime Press (now Conway Publishing) since the 1980s, and republished in the US by the Naval Institute Press.
Each volume begins with a general history of the vessel, as preface to a set of detailed scale drawings showing every part of the interior and exterior, from keel to masthead. Black-and-white photographs and engravings, including of ship models for older types, round out the description. Since 1998, each volume has carried a large-scale plan on the reverse of the fold-off dust jacket.
The series is divided into two distinct – yet broadly encompassing – categories, identified by colour coding. Firstly, those presented in a yellow-and-silver themed dust jacket relate to ‘non-motor-propelled’ ships. This group tracks the development of ship design from The Ships of Christopher Columbus, through to the end of the age of sail (those designed or constructed approximately up until the 1860s), such as the HMS Beagle: Survey Ship Extraordinaire, 1820-70, by Karl Heinz Marquardt.
Ships thereafter, powered by steam and screw propulsion, are represented in silver-and-blue themed dust jackets. These include submarines, the Japanese World War II vessel, The Battleship Yamato, by Janusz Skulski, and The Aircraft Carrier Victorious, by Ross Watton.
Additional info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anatomy_of_the_Ship_series


001. John McKay, John Harland ''Anatomy of the Ship. The Flower Class Corvette Agassiz''.pdf
002. Peter Goodwin ''Anatomy of the Ship. The Naval Cutter Alert 1777''.pdf
003. John Lambert, David Hill ''Anatomy of the Ship. The Submarine Alliance''.pdf
004. Franco Gay, Gay Valerio ''Anatomy of the Ship. The Cruiser Bartolomeo Colleoni''.pdf
005. Karl Heinz Marquardt ''Anatomy of the Ship. HMS Beagle Survey Ship Extraordinary''.pdf
006. Ross Watton ''Anatomy of the Ship. The Cruiser HMS Belfast''.pdf
007. Brian Lavery ''Anatomy of the Ship. The 74-gun Ship Bellona 1760''.pdf
008. Basil Greenhill, Sam Manning ''Anatomy of the Ship. The Schooner Bertha L. Downs''.pdf
009. Peter Goodwin ''Anatomy of the Ship. The 20-gun Ship Blandford''.pdf
010. John McKay ''Anatomy of the Ship. HMS Bounty''.pdf
011. Al Ross ''Anatomy of the Ship. The Destroyer Campbeltown''.pdf
012. Sergio Bellabarba, Giorgio Osculati ''Anatomy of the Ship. Hms Royal Caroline 1749''.pdf
013. Xavier Pastor ''Anatomy of the Ship. The Ships of Christopher Columbus''.pdf
014. David White ''Anatomy of the Ship. The frigate Diana''.pdf
015. John Roberts ''Anatomy of the Ship. The Battleship Dreadnought''.pdf
016. Karl Heinz Marquardt ''Anatomy of the Ship. Captain Cook's ENDEAVOUR''.pdf
017. Al Ross ''Anatomy of the Ship. The Destroyer Escort England (type Buckley) 1943''.pdf
018. Portia Takakjian ''Anatomy of the Ship. The 32-gun Frigate Essex 1799''.pdf
019. John Lambert ''Anatomy of the Ship. The Fairmile D Motor Torpedo Boat''.pdf
020. Janusz Skulski ''Anatomy of the Ship. The Battleship Fuso''.pdf
021. Al Ross ''Anatomy of the Ship. The Escort Carrier Gambier Bay''.pdf
022. Peter Goodwin ''Anatomy of the Ship. The Bomb Vessel Granado 1742''.pdf
023. John Roberts ''Anatomy of the Ship. The Battlecruiser Hood''.pdf
024. John Roberts ''Anatomy of the Ship. The Aircraft Carrier Intrepid''.pdf
025. Kenneth Edwards, Roderick Anderson, Richard Cookson ''Anatomy of the Ship. The Four-Masted Barque Lawhill''.pdf
026. John McKay, Ron Coleman ''Anatomy of the Ship. The 24-gun Frigate Pandora''.pdf
027. Ross Watton ''Anatomy of the Ship. Queen Mary''.pdf
028. Al Ross ''Anatomy of the Ship. The Destroyer The Sullivans''.pdf
029. Brian Lavery ''Anatomy of the Ship. The Colonial Merchantman Susan Constant 1605''.pdf
030. Janusz Skulski ''Anatomy of the Ship. The Heavy Cruiser Takao''.pdf
031. David Westwood ''Anatomy of the Ship. The Type VII U-Boat''.pdf
032. Fritz Kohl, Eberhard Rossler ''Anatomy of the Ship. The Type XXI U-boat''.pdf
033. Ross Watton ''Anatomy of the Ship. The Aircraft Carrier Victorious''.pdf
034. John McKay ''Anatomy of the Ship. The 100-Gun Ship Victory''.pdf
035. Ross Watton ''Anatomy of the Ship. Battleship Warsprite''.pdf
036. Janusz Skulski ''Anatomy of the Ship. The Battleship Yamato''.pdf
037. Karl Heinz Marquardt ''Anatomy of the Ship. The 44-Gun Frigate USS Constitution''.pdf
038. Jack Brower ''Anatomy of the Ship. The Battleship Bismarck''.pdf


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