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The Age of the Galley: Mediterranean Oared Vessels Since Pre-Classical Times

Year: 2000
Language: english
Author: Robert Gardiner
Publisher: Chartwell Books Inc.
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Number of pages: 256
Description: For thousands of years organized naval warfare was the exclusive preserve of the galley. Oars provided a level of control and maneuverabilty beyond the capabilities of the contemporary sailing ship, and not experienced again until the era of the screw propeller. Precise control allowed squadrons and fleets to operate together, as a unit, which promoted the evolution of earlier fighting tactics. However, for fleets to be more effective than collections of individual vessels, they needed training and organization, from which the first state-funded navies were to develop.
THE AGE OF THE GALLEY charts this development from the earliest paleolitic crafts, some of which were paddled rather than rowed, to the classical trireme and its Roman and Byzantine successors. However, as a warship, the galley survived the coming of the three-masted sailing ship and even adapted itself to gunpowder artillery, so later chapters are devoted to the medieval and Renaissance fleets that served the later maritime powers in the Mediterranean.
The principal historical chapters are backed by more general sections on the design and oar system of galleys, on the organization and infrastructure of galley fleets, and on non-military applications of the galley.
With the recent trials of the Greek Navy's reconstructed trireme, this volume has been able to take advantage of much new research; the upsurge in interest in these crafts
makes the publication of this work particularly welcome.
Lavishly illustrated, THE AGE OF THE GALLEY includes over 65 black-and-white photos, over 200 illustrations and 15 tables.


Robert Gardiner ''The age of the Galley''.pdf


Robert Gardiner ''The age of the Galley''.pdf


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