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Year: 2014
Version: 5.1
Developer: C-MAP Norway / HMC
Platform: Windows
Windows7 compatibility: yes
System Requirements: HMCharting is a 32 bit PC based Windows application and will run on almost any IBM compatible PC with an Intel Pentium III/4™ processor and 128MB RAM. The system must also contain a DVD drive. Because the system can read data directly from the DVD Drive, only 50MB of free hard disk space is required however, it is recommended that the CM-93/3 data be copied to the hard disk in which case approximately 1,5GB will be required. The screen resolution should ideally be set to a minimum of 1280x1040 using the 16bit-colour palette. The system should have at least four RS232 serial ports for input/output to accommodate DGPS, magnetic compass, autopilot etc. Any standard Windows compatible printer can be used for printouts. The HMCharting requires the C-MAP eToken dongle inserted at all times and will require a free USB port. In order to install and run the HMCharting software, the PC must be running Windows 2000 or XP. The system must also have Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5 or higher.
Localization: english
Crack: ?
Description: My installed step as following:
1. installed CMapRTE first
2. Rename or copy the original file LicStore.dll for spare. ( C:\Program Files\C-Map Professional SDK Runtime\System\LicStore.dll )
3. use crack file LicStore.dll to install CM93V3 map same as maxsea
4. delte crack file "LicStore.dll" and copy/paste original file LicStore.dll
5. installed HMC ECDIS
Additional info: HMCharting run from XP to Win 10 (32 & 64bit). Myself it runs on Win 10 64 bit in Version 3.1. Cmap RTE 4.1 must be installed with admin rights and without eToken driver. Then install the CMap CM93/3 charts with admin rights. Control all and when clean install you can see World overview in OceanViiew. After This you can replace the crack Licstore. Then Zone 0 with 16 digits.You must test several combinations to get p.e.till 2020. Then replace the crack dll with original dll. Install now HM Charting with admin rights. And all will be fine. For me the best ECDIS. HMC is the same as Danilec or other (see Jeppesen homepage) All the software is only written on the original Cmap kernel.
For all saving in HMCharting you must start the software as admin. So you can save charts, inputs and so on.
The same procedure in C-Map Professional SDK Runtime/system/GDBAdmin or LicenseAdm or CMapUserSetup




muzhi 02-Sep-2016 17:44
I think we can link the gps ,& ais ,in the config menu, there you can choose the right COM,and then I can not saving seting ,due to no password ,so if you have the password ,I think I can make good use of the HMC ecdis , after all , it is good software! friends if you have the password ,pls let me know ,thankyou very much
Sailorelo 27-Dec-2016 20:37
needs the I/O software module to be of any use, as it is now the program is of no use. The default paswd is four zero's but you still wont get any connections without the modules.
sip 14-Jul-2018 08:44
As you have said, "HMC is the same as Danelec or other (see Jeppesen homepage) All the software is only written on the original Cmap kernel." So, this is the document and training for this ECDIS:
Danelec DM800E ECDIS v5.0.83 For use with C-MAP CM-93 Edition 3 electronic charts [2014]

Danelec DM800E ECDIS v5.0.83 For use with C-MAP CM-93 Edition 3 electronic charts [2014]

Developer: Danelec Marine | Year: 2014 | Language:english | Crack: not needed

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