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Wärtsilä W26/W38 Maintenance Tools and Spare parts sets

Year: 2012
Language: english
Author: Wärtsilä
Genre: Technical book
Publisher: Wärtsilä
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Description: The aim of this booklet is to give an overview of the available maintenance tools and spare part sets.
At the moment of printing this booklet the information has already been changed. This due to our continuous effort to improve and complete the sets. Please consult the local WARTSILA® representative for the latest update. All released information and definitions have been made available at the WARTSILA® Intranet.
Maintenance Tools W26, W38A and W38B:
All present available tools and tool sets have been grouped per engine type. The maintenance set sheet specifies all tools, consequently some tools are mentioned again in other sets. In case of ordering please check for doublings Some of the maintenance tools as shown in this booklet might have been supplied with the engine.
The tools presented are the latest execution and might work at different pressures. Please consult your engine manual for the correct information. Modifications and/or improvements have already been communicated via our After Sales Information letters and instructions.
In the Index you will find which tools are used in which set.
Spare part sets R210, F240, W26, W280, W28SG, W38 and TM410:
The spare part sets have been defined based upon vast experience and best engineering practice. Within the spare part set sheet we defined engine type and assembly for which the set has been defined. Modifications and/or improvements will be communicated via our After Sales spare part notes.


W26 1 -1
Cylinder head 1-2
Injection system 1-4
Piston, connecting rod and cylinder liner 1-7
Engine block, main bearings and crankshaft 1-9
Camshaft and valve drive 1-10
Air cooler, lubricating oil pump and cooling water pump 1-12
Miscellaneous tools 1-13
Optional tools 1-14
W38A 2 - 1
Cylinder head 2-2
Fuel & injection system 2-4
Piston, connecting rod and cylinder liner 2-5
Engine block, main bearings and crankshaft 2-7
Camshaft and valve drive 2-8
Air cooler, lubricating oil pump and cooling water pump 2-10
Torque spanners, miscellaneous tools 2-11
Optional tools 2-12
W38B 3 - 1
Cylinder head 3-2
Fuel & injection system 3-4
Engine block, main bearings and crankshaft 3-5
Piston, connecting rod and cylinder liner 3-6
Camshaft and valve drive 3-8
Air cooler, lubricating oil pump and cooling water pump 3-10
Miscellaneous tools 3-11
Optional tools 3-12
Spare Parts Sets 4-1
Spare parts F240 4-2
Spare parts DR0210 4-11
Spare parts SW280 4-15
Spare parts TM410 4-23
Spare parts W26 4-26
Spare parts W28SG 4-32
Spare parts W38 4-33



Tools for W26,W38 and Spare parts sets F240,R210,SW280,TM410,W26,W28SG,W38.pdf


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