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International Code of Signals

Year: 2005
Language: english
Author: International Maritime Organization
Publisher: International Maritime Organization
ISBN: 92-801-4 198-8
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Number of pages: 205
Description: Codes of signals for the use of mariners have been published in various countries since
the beginning of the nineteenth century.
The first International Code was drafted in 1855 by a committee set up by the British
Board of Trade. It contained 70.000 signals. used eighteen flags and was published by
the British Board of Trade in 1857 in two parts. the first containing universal and
international signals and the second British signals only. The code was adopted by most
seafaring nations.
This edition was revised by a committee set up in 1887 by the British Board of Trade.
The committee's proposals were discussed by the principal maritime powers and at an
International Conference in Washington in 1889. As a result. many changes were
made. the Code was completed in 189 7 and was distributed to all maritime powers.
This edition of the International Code of Signals. however. did not stand the test of
World War I.
The International Radiotelegraph Conference at Washington in 192 7 considered
proposals for a fresh revision of the Code and decided that it should be prepared in
seven editorial languages. namely in English. French. German. Italian. Japanese. Spanish
and in one Scandinavian language which was chosen by the Scandinavian
Governments to be the Norwegian language. The new edition was completed in
1 930 and was adopted by the International Radiotelegraph Conference held in Madrid
in 1932. The new Code was compiled in two volumes. one for use by visual signalling
and the other by radiotelegraphy. Words and phrases applicable to aircraft were
introduced in Volume II together with a complete Medical Section and a code for
accelerating the granting of pratique. The Medical Section and the pratique signals
were prepared with the assistance and the advice of the Office International d'Hygiene
Publique. The Code, particularly Volume II. was primarily intended for use by ships and
aircraft and. via coast radio stations. between ships or aircraft and authorities ashore. A
certain number of signals were inserted for communications with shipowners. agents.
repair yards. etc. The same Conference (MADRID. 193 2) established a Standing
Committee to review the Code. if and when necessary. to give guidance on questions of
use and procedure and to consider proposals for modifications. Secretarial duties were
undertaken by the Government of the United Kingdom. The Standing Committee met
only once in 1933 and introduced certain additions and amendments.

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