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Important Checklists & Reporting Forms For Onboard Seafarer

Year: N/A
Language: english
Author: Marine Insight
Genre: Documentations
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Number of pages: 27
Description: Checklists make our lives organized!When on ship an efficient watch and maintenance depends a lot on the level of organizing skills amaritime professional has.Hard work is never enough while working at the sea. You have to be smart and efficient in order toavoid any kind of breakdown. And with a number of machines and systems present on board, it isalways difficult to memorize each and every step of endless procedures and routine checks. This iswhen checklists and reports come handy.We at Marine Insight firmly believe that the safety of an individual working on a ship should have thehighest priority no matter what may come.Our experience says that nothing can go wrong on ship if a step-by-step methodology of working isadapted.
A systematic approach to work can only be followed when necessary instructions arepresented to the crew members in some written form. This is a fool proof way to avoid any kind of errors while working on ships.Keeping this mind, we have made a compilation of important checklists and reports that are used onboard ships. The list comprises of information that would benefit both deck and engine officers.Best thing would be to take a print out and carry it along with you while working on ships.We hope that our endeavour not only helps in making your life easier but also lot safer.Work Smarter, Sail Safer!


1)Safety and General
2)Deck Department
3)Engine Department




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