Aristodikos ® 27-Jan-2018 18:39
Hello guys,
i downloaded the tz3pro from here before 2 days and after that you deleted the post. Now i dont know the installation guide (its not in the torrent files. It was the latest timezero versio
fanso 07-Sep-2018 19:25
Aristodikos, If you have for tz v2.0.2 you can use it. Must be same.And I advise to not connect your computer to Internet when maxsea is working. The chart will be deleted
westella 08-Sep-2018 15:41
I managed to find the instructions for V3;

click me

Installation and crack sequence

- Run - InstallProfessional.exe ( this file could be downloaded from official web site, But newest versions could not work with included medicine ) or you can use included .iso file (contain version 3.3)
- Wait until program will be installed but do not start it.
- Disconnect from interned, Or disallow in Firewall outbound conection for app %ProgramFiles% (x86)\TimeZero\Professional\TimeZero.exe
- unrar MaxLicV3ProR3.rar
- Run TZ Professional
- Run MaxLicV3ProR3.exe and press the "Generar TZ" button
- Copy -Past received code to TZ Professional
- Press the activate button (It should show manual validation form in case of internet absence)
- on manual validation form copy SC- and past it into appropriate SC field in MaxLicV3ProR3.exe
- Press the Calcular AC button and past received code into validation form
- Press the Next Button
- Install wizard will request the UM code.
- it should be generated in MaxLicV3ProR3.exe
- Press the Next button, wizard will ask code for map - fill it if you have one.
- Or just press the Next button
- Close application
- unzip MX_TZ
- run .bat file it will fix future appearance of the CRACK screen
Application installed.
For map installation:
open and download required map
- received file put in C:\Users\<User Name>\Documents\My TimeZero\Downloaded Charts
- Run application, it will ask for map installation
- if you need a key you can try to find it in
also it potentiality be generated in MaxLicV3ProR3.exe

Инструкция по установке карт - Chart installation guide

1. Идем на указанный сайт
Go to the specified site
2. Выбираем нужную нам карту
Select the desired chart
3. Справа от карты видим название карты и заветную кнопочку "Download". Нажимаем ее и скачиваем карту.
To the right of the chart we see the chart name and the respected button "Download". Click it and download the chart.
Кладем ее в каталог C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\My TimeZero\Downloaded Charts\
и там же распаковываем ее ( извлекаем из zip файла в тот же каталог)
Put it in the folder C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\My TimeZero\Downloaded Charts\
and there extract it ( extract from a zip file to the same folder)
4. Запускаем скачанную программу MaxLicV3ProR3.exe. Находим там внизу кнопочку
Run the downloaded program MaxLicV3ProR3.exe. We have to find there button at the bottom
и смело жмем на нее. Вам предложат указать путь, где у вас лежат карта в распакованном виде,
т.е. : C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\My TimeZero\Downloaded Charts\SDVJENM608MAP11.dbv
Выбираем эту карту и получаем окно с данными по этой карте.
and feel free to click on it. You will be prompted to provide the path where you have the chart unpacked,
ie : C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\My TimeZero\Downloaded Charts\SDVJENM608MAP11.dbv
Choose this chart and get a window with the data of the chart.
Самое главное для нас - Map Key для этой карты.
The most important thing for us - Map Key for this map.
5. Вбиваем Map Key в окне нашего взломщика
Put Map Key in the window of our cracker
и нажимаем кнопочку
and push a button
Получаем заветный код UC
Get the coveted code UC
Копируем его куда-нибудь.
Copy it somewhere.
6. Запускаем TimeZero. При запуске программа проверяет каталог со скачанными картами и если обнаруживает там что то, предлагает установить
Run TimeZero. When launched, the program checks the directory with the downloaded charts and if it detects there is something that prompts you to install
( не знаю зачем там 2 кнопки Установить, но работает почему то только левая. Нажимаем ее)
( don't know why there are 2 buttons Install, but it works for some reason only the left. Push it)
7. При установке вас запросят тот самый UC код. Вбиваем его и продолжаем установку.
During the installation you will be prompted for the same UC code. Beat it and continue the installation.
8. По дороге вас могут спросить
By the way you may be asked
Просто нажимаем ОК.
Just click OK.
9. Когда установка будет завершена вылезет окошко
When the installation is completed a window will come up
10. Ну и наконец просто в программе идем и проверяем - установились ли у нас карты
And finally, just go and check the program - whether charts installed
Cherepovets есть, значит попали в точку! Поздравляем вас!
We see Cherepovets on it. Congratulations!

If you get &#34;Crack&#34; screen

On some x64 systems batch file does not work properly, therefore do following:
1. Create somewhere folder, for example c:\Temp
2. Copy to this folder file MX_TZ v3PRO_crack_SplahScreen.bat
3. Try to start this file with Administrator's rights.
4. Check TZ , whether Crack screen goes out.
5. If not, do following: In your folder c:\Temp you will find some new folders:
Copy these 5 folders to the following places:
6. Restart TZ and do not forget also to go to timerzero option and set the "connect to internet option" to "never".
Or Set up your firewall properly to prohibit TZ to go to Internet
Slepet 01-Oct-2018 16:11
I'm new to this forum, and have a problem with TZ 2.0.1, I can not find any working UC code for the new maps.
Could someone please help me there?
Thanks in advance
Arcan 19-Oct-2018 12:36
Aleks777 21-Oct-2018 15:53

click me

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